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Welcome to HobbySpace. the site that will prove to you that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another.
August 2009
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Falcon 1 launch
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Notes from the one day symposium in London on June 30th, 2009, sponsored by the Royal Aeronautical Society.
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Space Art Spotlight
Daedalus Ortohographic by Nick Stevens
Daedalus Orthographic

Von Braun Ferry Rocket by Nick Stevens
Von Braun Ferry Rocket

Mimas Dawn by Nick Stevens
Mimas Dawn

2001 Orion over Ceylon by Nick Stevens
2001 Orion over Ceylon

Nick Stevens

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Space Hobbies & Activities in the Spotlight
Citizen Astronomers to Help Solve Star Mystery

Amateur astronomers can participate in the Citizen Sky project to help determine the nature of the mysterious companion to the star epsilon Aurigae: Calling All Amateur Astronomers: Help Solve a Mystery - - Aug.25.09.

It's a Whole New Outer Space Out There

The Impact of High Altitude Flight

The British journalist and TV reporter James May recently presented a BBC documentary about his experience in flying in a U2 spy plane to an altitude of 70,000 feet (13mi, 21km). The program followed him through a couple of days of training and then a four hour flight.

The maximum altitude reached is far below the 62 mile/100km space boundary but the sense of being extremely high, the thinness of the atmosphere below, the curvature of the earth, and the black sky above were all very vivid to him. It is quite clear in the program that the experience has an enormous emotional impact on him. He seems quite stunned by it all.

When space toursts are boosted upward to 38 mi/61 km on a XCOR Lynx I or above 100km on a SpaceShipTwo, Blue Origin Shepard, Lynx II, or other suborbital rocket, the experience will be even more of a stunner for those lucky enough to get the opportunity.

The complete 30 minute BBC program is available on Youtube in three parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. The clip below includes additional footage of his flight that was not shown in the program.

Check for the latest in leading edge rocket and space travel projects on the Space Transport News blog.

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