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Welcome to HobbySpace. the site that will prove to you that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another.
March 2007
Recent Features
Launching at the X Prize Cup 2006
Commercial Stairway to Space - Vers. 2007
A new timeline for space development via private efforts. Comparison of the previous timeline to what actually happened in 2006. See also the updated RLV (Reusable Launch Vehicle) Table of ongoing projects. Plus a Glossary of NewSpace terms.
Armadillo Pixel vehicle at the X Prize Cup
X Prize Cup 2006 - Review
The annual celebration of space and rocketry took place October 21-22, 2006 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
NewSpace - Introduction & Resources
An overview of the NewSpace (or entrepreneurial space movement.
More Interviews, Articles, and Special Topics.
Space Music of the Month
The Space Camp Song
- YouTube Video

Brent Simon

Previous space music in spotlight
Space Artist Spotlight

Shoreline Extraordinaire (1998) - Mark A. Garlick
Shoreline Extraordinaire

Bombardment (2000) - Mark A. Garlick

Spashdown  (1999) - Mark A. Garlick
Sojourner (1997) - Mark A. Garlick
Mark A. Garlick
More space art...
Space Hobbies & Activities in the Spotlight
Space Activism

Grass roots space advocacy began as far back as the 1920s and 1930s when space travel and rocketry clubs began to form. For example, today's prestigious AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) can trace its history back to the birth in 1930 of the American Interplanetary Society (which later became the American Rocket Society.) Arthur C. Clarke was an early member of the British Interplanetary Society, which remains active today and publishes Spaceflight, one of the best space magazines.

Today there are many groups pushing for progress in space in ways ranging from lobbying for more effective government space policy to direct support for private space projects. The Space Activism section here lists many such groups in the US and around the world. Below are some examples of such organizations.

National Space Society
National Space Society

Planetary Society
Planetary Society

Mars Society
Mars Society

SEDS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

Space Frontier Foundation
Space Frontier Foundation
The Moon Society
Moon Society
British Interplanetary Soceity
British Interplanetary Society

Some other groups of interest:

ProSpace - citizens group that lobbies Congress on various space policies.
Space Access Society
- a leading organization pushing for low cost space transport.
LifeBoat Foundation - sees space settlement as a means of insuring humanity's survival in case of a global catastrophe.

It's a Whole New Outer Space Out There

Historical NewSpace

Space business concepts and ambitious projects by private organizations go back as far as the early days of rocketry and the space age. Below we show a sample of early space and rocket projects.

Missile mail test
The US Post Office tested "missile mail" in 1959 with a sea launch of a rocket carrying 3000 letters. See Rocket Mail for info about other attempts at delivery the mail via rockets.
Volksrocket engine test
In the late 1970s, famous rocket designer Robert Truax developed the Volksrocket X-3 as a low cost vehicle for suborbital spaceflights for the public. His Project Private Enterprise, however, was unable to raise the million dollars needed to complete the project. Above image is from a video of an engine test (Truax Engineering Multimedia Archive).
Registration at the Hilton Hotel in space
Barron Hilton, of Hilton Hotel fame, gave a serious presentation at an aerospace conference in 1967 about the possibility of space and lunar hotels: Hotels in Space by Barron Hilton, AAS Conf. Proc. 1967 (reprinted at The space station in 2001: A Space Odyssey included a Hilton Hotel.
Just five years after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the AMSAT organisation, supported by ham radio enthusiasts, successfully orbited the first amateur spacecraft - OSCAR 1. Hear it's signals from space.
Real-Time Space Viewers
Earth Viewer
Weather maps, remote sensing
and spysat images.
Space Weather Viewer
Space Weather
Sun, solar wind, aurora images
and the latest data

Space Explorer Viewer
Space Explorers
Images and data from
deep space probes.

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