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Welcome to HobbySpace. the site that will prove to you that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another.
February 2007
Recent Features
Launching at the X Prize Cup 2006
Commercial Stairway to Space - Vers. 2007
A new timeline for space development via private efforts. Comparison of the previous timeline to what actually happened in 2006. See also the updated RLV (Reusable Launch Vehicle) Table of ongoing projects. Plus a Glossary of NewSpace terms.
Armadillo Pixel vehicle at the X Prize Cup
X Prize Cup 2006 - Review
The annual celebration of space and rocketry took place October 21-22, 2006 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
NewSpace - Introduction & Resources
An overview of the NewSpace (or entrepreneurial space movement.
More Interviews, Articles, and Special Topics.
Space Music of the Month

Now's the time to touch a star
- YouTube Video

Video by Vu Trong Thu
of Viet Nam
Music by Michael Fenkava
Sung by Karl Franzen
From the To Touch the Stars album.
Previous space music in spotlight

Space Artist Spotlight

Skylon - Adrian Mann

Bussard Ramjet - Adrian Mann
Bussard Ramjet

Project Nerva - Adrian Mann
Project Orion - Adrian Mann
Project Orion
Adrian Mann
More space art...
Space Hobbies & Activities in the Spotlight
Amateur & Non-Governmental SETI

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is not just a pursuit of scientists in big universities and other institutions funded by the government. There are a number of projects involving amateur radio telescope observations. The SETI League, for example, has over a thousand members in countries around the world. The League's Project Argus will "deploy and coordinate roughly 5,000 small radio telescopes around the world, in an all-sky survey for microwave signals of possible intelligent extra-terrestrial origin".

There are also a number of professional projects that are funded by space activist organizations like the Planetary Society. Paul Allen, who funded Burt Rutan's successful drive to win the X Prize, is also funding the ambitious Allen Telescope Array.

Amateur SETI Station - SETI League
A diagram of a standard amateur SETI station from
the SETI League Mini-Manual.

Amateur SETI station - K6QPV
An example of a amateur SETI station (K6QPV). More examples at the SETI League's Project Argus Station gallery.

It's a Whole New Outer Space Out There

Spacesuits for NewSpace

Conventional NASA spacesuits can cost several million dollars. The commercial spaceflight industry, which plans to fly thousands of passengers on suborbital space rides, needs to develop lower cost, simpler pressure suits. Companies are now appearing that are taking on the challenge of developing simple, low cost pressure suits that will serve as emergency backup in case of air leaks during a spaceflight.

Also, even NASA needs help in developing durable and practical suits for future explorers to wear while working for long periods on the surface of the Moon and Mars. Student and space advocacy groups have been working on such technologies.

Below we show examples of some of the "alternative" spacesuit development going on in small companies, student projects, and activist organizations.

SS2 passengers in suits
An animation released by Virgin Galactic in the fall of 2006
showed passengers in a SpaceShipTwo frolicking during
weightlessness while wearing conceptual pressure suits.

Spacesuits at Global Effects
Chris Gilman and his Global Effects team has gotten so good at making suits for museums and movies, that he cofounded Orbital Outfitters to make low cost suits for passengers on commercial spaceflights.
De Leon spacesuit
De Leon Technologies has been developing
new pressure suit technologies "on behalf of the future of the human space exploration".
NDSTaR 2005 prototype Mars suit
The Planetary Space Suit Design Team at North Dakota State University used a NASA grant to develop a prototype space suit for Mars surface exploration.
Mars Society team tests suits
Teams working at the Mars Society Analog Stations often test suit designs, particularly with regard to the challenges of working in such outfits.
Real-Time Space Viewers
Earth Viewer
Weather maps, remote sensing
and spysat images.
Space Weather Viewer
Space Weather
Sun, solar wind, aurora images
and the latest data

Space Explorer Viewer
Space Explorers
Images and data from
deep space probes.

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