Space policy roundup – Dec.14.14 [Update]

NASA will get close to the administration’s requested 2014 budget in the new Omnibus bill: Appropriators Release FY2014 Omnibus Bill, NASA Does Well –

4,113 million for exploration, of which

* $696 million is for commercial crew, with $171 million available only after the Administrator certifies that the program has undergone an independent benefit-cost analysis
* $1,197 million is for Orion
* $1,918 million is for Space Launch System (SLS) of which $1,600 million is for launch vehicle development and $318 million is for exploration ground systems
* $302 million is for exploration research and development

Of course, there is no independent benefit-cost analysis required before yet another $3 billion goes down the SLS/Orion money pit.

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Update 3: Lori Garver comments on the NASA budget: Twitter / Lori_Garver:

Hill appropriators fund Abu Dhabi CBP and cut commercial crew funding. Ask Congress why they support foreign air & space activities over US?



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