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Video: 8.25 – A walkthrough of Copenhagen Suborbitals

The latest live program included an interview with Mads Wilson of Copenhagen Suborbitals about a recent workshop that they held : A walkthrough of Copenhagen Suborbitals – TMRO

From the caption:

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Send your name to Mars on the InSight lander

A new public participation program from NASA:

Send Your Name to Mars on NASA’s Next
Red Planet Mission

Mars enthusiasts around the world can participate in NASA’s journey to Mars by adding their names to a silicon microchip headed to the Red Planet aboard NASA’s InSight Mars lander, scheduled to launch next year.

“Our next step in the journey to Mars is another fantastic mission to the surface,” said Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “By participating in this opportunity to send your name aboard InSight to the Red Planet, you’re showing that you’re part of that journey and the future of space exploration.”

Submissions will be accepted until Sept. 8. To send your name to Mars aboard InSight, go to:

The fly-your-name opportunity comes with “frequent flier” points to reflect an individual’s personal participation in NASA’s journey to Mars, which will span multiple missions and multiple decades. The InSight mission offers the second such opportunity for space exploration fans to collect points by flying their names aboard a NASA mission, with more opportunities to follow.

Last December, the names of 1.38 million people flew on a chip aboard the first flight of NASA’s Orion spacecraft, which will carry astronauts to deep space destinations including Mars and an asteroid. After InSight, the next opportunity to earn frequent flier points will be NASA’s Exploration Mission-1, the first planned test flight bringing together the Space Launch System rocket and Orion capsule in preparation for human missions to Mars and beyond.

InSight will launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California in March 2016 and land on Mars Sept. 28, 2016. The mission is the first dedicated to the investigation of the deep interior of the planet. It will place the first seismometer directly on the surface of Mars to measure Martian quakes and use seismic waves to learn about the planet’s interior. It also will deploy a self-hammering heat probe that will burrow deeper into the ground than any previous device on the Red Planet. These and other InSight investigations will improve our understanding about the formation and evolution of all rocky planets, including Earth.

For additional information about the InSight mission, visit:

You can follow the mission on Facebook and Twitter at: and

New Worlds 2015 Conference to focus on colonizing the Moon, Mars and Free Space

An announcement from the New Worlds Institute:

Space Settlers Wanted
New Worlds 2015 Conference to Focus on
Colonizing the Moon, Mars and Free Space
Austin Texas  |  October 16 & 17

“New Worlds 2015 is going to be something new in the space field, something that steps out of the airlock of what a space event is supposed to be ”
— Rick Tumlinson

Recently billionaires such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon, PayPal billionaire Elon Musk, Paul Allen of MicroSoft, Richard Branson and many others have begun to build spaceships designed to carry regular people into space. Some such as Musk declare outright that they intend to put the first settlers on Mars. Joining them are national entities like the United Arab Emirates who just announced a multi-billion dollar space program aimed at the Red Planet, China which is designing its own Moon base plans, and other countries and projects to be announced soon. NASA is also rapidly moving towards supporting the opening of space to citizens as a focus of its human spaceflight program.

Register Now for New Worlds 2015
Special Early Bird Pricing Still Available

Elon Musk says he’ll be landing on Mars by 2030,” Meagan Crawford, New Worlds Executive Director added. She continued: “The premise of the Institute and New Worlds Conference is that while these bright minds work to build new space ships to carry people out into space, someone needs to focus on what we will do when we get there – how we will live, prosper and create the next level of human civilization.”

Featured talks on colonizing the Moon, Mars and Free Space, space solar power, the space station and its relevance to colonizing the solar system will join presentations by New Space start ups and businesses leaders working to create a space economy. Stories from real space fliers and astronauts will be interspersed between sessions by top experts in such areas as biology, engineering, design, science and space systems. Short, high-level talks on such things as life extension, farming on Mars, the military in space, and genetic engineering will round out the event. On Friday parallel events will include workshops on crowdsourcing settlement solutions, empowering women in space and other important aspects of the space revolution.

“The age of human space exploration is just beginning and this event is a sampler of the different ideas and opportunities the Institute will be looking to cultivate, It’s a starting point for professionals and students to tell the community their dreams” said Jay Milla, Executive Producer of the event. “We’re also including art, music and various workshops for people to ‘think tank’ what is to come. Your crazy idea is welcome here!”

New Worlds 2015 will feature a student competition called “Cities in Space” in which middle and high school students will create 3D or video models of a 10,000 person colony. Students of all ages are encouraged to attend and participate in both the conference sessions and the cultural events such as the art show and the concert. The New Worlds Institute is offering extreme discounts to students, with prices starting at just $15 a day, to encourage the active participation of the future space settlers. Students are encouraged register now to reserve this special discounted price.

The New Worlds Institute announced today it’s inaugural event, to be held in the Palmer Event Center in Austin, Texas October 16-17. New Worlds 2015 is a different kind of space event. The renaissance affair will be a conference, a gathering of minds, a series of workshops, an art exhibit, a cultural experience, a concert, and most importantly, it will be an all-inclusive discussion about humanity’s future as we migrate to new worlds.

The core premise of the event and the organization is that the first settlers of the Solar System are alive right now, and it is time to begin to focus on the technologies, tools and culture they will need to open the frontier. This is the purpose of New Worlds 2015.

“New Worlds 2015 is going to be something new in the space field, something that steps out of the airlock of what a space event is supposed to be,” said Rick Tumlinson, Founder of the New Worlds Institute. “Our goal is to take the serious core of science and engineering we will need to build new communities in space and wrap it in a cultural experience that is fun, challenging and generally mind blowing.”

Learn More about VIP and Sponsorship packages;
designed for space enthusiasts and small businesses

While the Institute itself intends to focus on serious research into the technologies and engineering challenges needed to create real human cities in space, the group believes that there also needs to be a cultural element included in what it calls the “breakout”. Thus the event will feature such unusual elements as an art show and a rock concert/dance party featuring the techno-rock band Arc Attack, known for using Tesla coils and amazing lightning effects in its show, complimented by performance artists Nadis Warriors and The Clergy.

The New Worlds Institute is producing this event as the first in a series of social gatherings and conferences meant to engage the public, the business world and the scientific community in a constructive dialog about not just how we get there, but how we stay. The two-day event will highlight concepts and ideas about building the first human communities on the Moon, Mars and in the free space between worlds.

“New Worlds 2015 is an experiment,” said Tumlinson. “Space has been boring too long. Our goal is to plant the seeds of a new and dynamic space culture that will begin to grow in the years ahead so those who will literally build the first human space colonies can be ready when the space ships are ready to carry them out there. It may sound crazy, just as 20 years before the MayFlower saying you might go across the ocean and start a new community in that New World sounded crazy. But it will also be incredibly fun.”

Register now to reserve our special early bird pricing of just $275 for both days (including lunch and admission to the Lift Off! concert on Friday night). Click here to learn more about the event, including location details, speakers, discussion topics, the student competition and more. VIP packages and small business sponsorship opportunities are available online or by contacting us directly. Please contact us to learn more about our corporate level sponsorship options and partnership opportunities.

The Space Show opens a website modernization campaign

David Livingston plans a major upgrade to the The Space Show website. An Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign is underway for the non-profit organization to support the modernization plan for the website. The site offers additional details.

Here’s a video from David and Spencer Austin-Martin, who will lead the website revamp:

From the Indiegogo campaign page:

To bring The Space Show into the modern age we first have to acknowledge its current limitations. Built in the early 2000s, the current Space Show website offers very limited search capabilities that involve a two step process of a key word search on a static page followed by manually looking up the show via a chronological search function. Furthermore, only about 1/3 of the shows have key words none which are not a searchable part of our database. The current platform is also ill suited for the modern internet age where users are accessing the site from many different kinds devices including smartphones and tablets.

Our plan is to move The Space Show onto Drupal, an advanced Content Management System used by major media, businesses and institutions from the Economist and SpaceX to NASA and many major universities. Leveraging the power of Drupal, The Space Show will become sustainable, scalable, and upgradable. Listeners will also benefit from a responsive layout that will display properly on smart phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops regardless of the operating system. Behind the scenes there will be search engine optimization and users will benefit from a constantly updated and fresh content display which will enable fully searchable access to The Space Show’s treasury of information.

Another major benefit of the modernization program is the enhanced search functionality. Whereas searches and key words on the old site were cumbersome, often involving several steps on different pages, the new site will include multifaceted searches including date, topic, guest, and keywords with sub-sorting availability. Thousands of key words that were not linked to the original database on the old site are now integrated and associated with their respective shows meaning listeners will have faster, more thorough, and easier access to the content they want.
I provided a testimonial in support of the campaign. The Space Show holds a tremendous storehouse of information about a key period in space development. Please help them reach their goal so this great resource can be properly accessed by space enthusiasts, students, and historians.