Comet ISON starting to light up

Comet ISON is brightening up enough to see it with binoculars: – Nov.9.13 –

COMET ISON NOW A BINOCULAR OBJECT: Comet ISON is brightening as it approaches the sun. Multiple observers now report that it is a binocular object. “I finally saw Comet ISON for the first time using small binoculars!” says pilot Brian Whittaker. He was flying 38,000 feet over the Mediterranean Sea on Nov. 8th when he took this picture showing where to look:

“It was faint, but is predicted to brighten and move each day,” he adds. “Exciting! “

“I have made my first confirmed binocular sighting of C/2012 S1 ISON as well,” reports Pete Lawrence of Selsey UK on Nov. 9th. “ISON’s head appears small and stellar through a pair of 15x70s optics.”