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Welcome to HobbySpace. the site that will prove to you that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another.
April 2014
Space Hobbies & Activities in the Spotlight

Sunspotter – citizen solar science

Sunspotter is a Zooniverse citizen science project in which participants ” help to organize sunspot images in order of complexity to better understand and predict how the Sun’s magnetic activity affects us on Earth. The Sunspotter blog includes interesting items such as this Space weather – a short guide and  The Making of a Magnetogram Part I: Lost in a Magnetic Field... Read the rest of this entry...

Several space auctions coming up

I’ve recently pointed to two auctions coming up of space memorabilia/collectibles (see posts here and here). Robert Pearlman finds seven in the next three months: Spring space sales: Space history artifacts and astronaut mementos up for auction – collectSPACE. See also the collectSPACE – space history, memorabilia and artifacts event calendar. ... Read the rest of this entry…

Video: Citizen science explained

Chandra Clarke explains what citizen science is all about in this recent TEDx talk: Citizen science explained – Citizen Science Center ... Read the rest of this entry...

NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge Contest

NASA’s Asteroid Data Hunter contest series will offer $35,000 in awards over the next six months to citizen scientists who develop improved algorithms that can be used to identify asteroids. This contest series is being conducted in partnership with Planetary Resources Inc. of Bellevue, Wash... Read the rest of this entry…

CubeSat Weekend (UK) – learn to develop & launch a satellite

The UK Satellite Applications Catapult organization is hosting the CubeSat Weekend in Oxfordshire: CubeSat Weekend: 29th-30th March 2014... Read the rest of this entry…

Inspiration Mars student design contest finalists selected

The Mars Society has selected finalists for the  International Student Design Competition for concepts related to the proposed Inspiration Mars Mission ... Read the rest of this entry…

European Rover Challenge 2014

Europe approaching Mars - The European Rover Challenge 2014, an international Mars rover contest, will be held in Poland in September. It will be accompanied by a Convention attended by world class space researchers, as well as a Science Picnic. The trio of events is hosted together thanks to the hospitality of the Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship. ... Read the rest of this entry

Space Art Spotlight

Landing Module interior sketch by  Galina Balashova
Landing Module interior sketch

The Soyuz (Union) spaceship orbital compartment second sketch, 1963.  by  Galina Balashova
The "Soyuz" (Union) spaceship orbital compartment second sketch, 1963.
The orbital space station Salut-6 by  Galina Balashova
The orbital space station "Salut-6"

Soyuz-Apollo space program "Soyuz" (Union) spaceship Orbital Compartment by  Galina Balashova
"Soyuz-Apollo" space program "Soyuz" (Union) spaceship Orbital Compartment

The orbital space station MIR (World, Peace) by  Galina Balashova
The orbital space station "MIR" (World, Peace)
The Soyuz (Union) spaceship orbital compartment by  Galina Balashova
The "Soyuz" (Union) spaceship orbital compartment

Galina Balashova
More space art...
Space News from Virtual Amanda Bush

Here is the March/April 2014 episode of The Virtual SpaceTV 3D show with Amanda Bush. She begins with a report on the role of satellites in the search for the missing Malaysian NH370 airliner. She then talks about the reported observation of gravity waves in the cosmic microwave background from the Big Bang, Kate Upton in weightlessness aboard a ZERO-G aircraft flying parabolic jumps, ZERO-G's new competition, the sighting of a new gulley on the side of a mountain on Mars, and your opportunity to name Mars craters at Uwingu.


Other Virtual SpaceTV 3D shows are available on the HobbySpace Youtube Channel.

The Virtual SpaceTV 3D shows are created by BINARY SPACE ( with story content from These videos are intended as demonstrations of an experimental technique for generating animated presentations. The show was generated autonomously by software according to a text script. The project is described in the Virtual Producer whitepaper (pdf). For further information contact

Here are the previous two shows in the Virtual SpaceTV 3D series:

Virtual SpaceTV 3D - February 2014
Virtual SpaceTV 3D - January 2013
Space Music Video of the Month


Let's Go Out There
Written and peformed by Al Globus,
who is a long time space settlement activist.

It's a Whole New Outer Space Out There

Weightless in a Swimsuit

Since 2004 the company ZERO-G has given over 12000 people the experience of weightlessness. The company operates the G Force One Boeing 727 aircraft, which takes its passengers on a series of parabolic trajectories that produce micro-gravity periods of 20-30 seconds as the plane cuts engine power and goes ballistic over the top of each "hump". The effect is reversed on the bottom of each cycle as passengers experience nearly double their weight. The plane flies 12-15 such parabolas.

This year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue featured super model Kate Upton modeling her bikini in micro-g aboard G Force One. Here are a couple of SI videos showing her weightless frolic. The first gives a behind the scenes look at the making of the photoshoot.

. .


. .

Follow the latest developments in this NewSpace era with a subscription to NewSpace Watch.

Check for the latest in leading edge rocket and space travel projects on the
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Satellite track display

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Run the Satellite Tracking Tool from BINARY SPACE right here at HobbySpace in your browser. The program allows you to track a large set of satellites in both low earth and geostationary orbits. (Note: the program requires Microsoft Silverlight, Version 5 or higher, as well as the latest version of your browser. Currently the program works on the Microsoft® Windows® platform only.) The Satellite Observing section provides additional information and web resources about the hobby of satellite tracking and watching.
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