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Welcome to HobbySpace. the site that will prove to you that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another.
November 2006
Recent Features
Armadillo Pixel vehicle at the X Prize Cup
X Prize Cup 2006 - Review
The annual celebration of space and rocketry took place October 21-22, 2006 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. HobbySpace provides links to weblog entries, articles, photos, and videos from the event.
NewSpace - Introduction & Resources
An overview of the NewSpace (or entrepreneurial space movement. NewSpace promises far lower costs and wider participation in space development. The section provides historical info, web resources, news, and more.
Prof. Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Interview: Glenn Reynolds
An exchange with the Instapundit, Professor of Law, author, and long time space activist about issues of space law and space politics, and about space development using armies of Davids.

More Interviews, Articles, and Special Topics.

Space Music of the Month
Pink Floyd Echoes Music
with 2001: A Space Odyssey
- Google Video

Previous space music in spotlight
Space Artist Spotlight

Astrounding Stories - March 1930
March 1930
H.W. Wessolowski

Astrounding -  August 1940
August 1940
Hubert Rogers

Astounding Science Fiction - Dec. 1951
December 1951
Hubert Rogers
Covers- Astounding/Analog

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Space Hobbies & Activities in the Spotlight
Collect Space Movies

The HobbySpace movie section provides resources for films and documentaries that deal with near future, solar system based space themes. It gives a chronology of such films starting from the silent movie era and continuing up to current releases.

Le Voyage dans la lune
(A Trip to the Moon - 1902)
Pioneering French director Georges Méliès essentially created the special effects sci-fi movie with this fanciful depiction of a voyage to the Moon.
Amazon: US UK

Things to Come
This ambitious film gives H. G. Wells' pre-WWII vision of a future that begins with a long period of war and catastrophe followed by the rebuilding of civilization and culminating in space travel.
Amazon: US UK

Destination Moon
One of the first sci-fi films to strive for technical realism, the movie, based on a Robert Heinlein script, shows a privately financed mission to the Moon. Chesley Bonestell did the artwork.
Amazon: US UK

2001: A Space Odyssey
This groundbreaking movie is listed as one the ten best ever made by most critics. It explores profound themes of evolution, technological development, artificial intelligence, and the first encounter with alien life.
Amazon: US UK
Returning to earth after a stay on a space station, three US astronauts become stranded in their capsule when their de-orbiting engine fails. With the oxygen supply depleting, things look desperate.
Amazon: US UK
Silent Running
This movie combines environmental gloom and space travel. Bruce Dern gives a good performance as the custodian of the last remnants of wildlife stored in orbit.
Amazon: US UK

The Right Stuff
A great rendering in film of the famous book by Tom Wolfe about the Mercury 7 astronauts and the test pilot culture from which most of them came.
Amazon: US UK

Apollo 13
Despite the audience knowing the ending, Ron Howard still manages to imbue this film with a intense sense of danger and doom for the crew as they try to overcome an explosion on their spacecraft. A great depiction of the teamwork, imagination, and bravery that saved them.
Amazon: US UK

The Dish
A very endearing movie based loosely on a true story about the Austrialian radio observatories that received transmissions from Apollo 11 during its mission to the Moon.
Amazon: US UK

It's a Whole New Outer Space Out There

A Private Mission Around the Moon

Private individuals are now able to pay for trips to space to stay at the International Space Station (ISS) for week long visits. Such commercial excursions into orbit were considered wild science fiction fantasy just a decade or so ago.

Today a space tourist trip to the Moon seems like a wild sci-fi fantasy. Surprisingly, however, two US companies have set forth plans to offer commercial flights around the Moon using Russian spacecraft. The price would be in the $100M range versus the $20M for an ISS visit. There are obviously only a few thousand people in the world who could afford such a ticket price and it isn't clear that any of them will go to the Moon. However, the fact that such a private sector mission is feasible at all shows the rapid progress that is being made in commercial human spaceflight. As space transport prices decrease, we will see the prices of such trips fall as well.

The Lunar Express - Constellation Services
Lunar Express architecture

Constellations Services International (CSI) proposed in 2004 a commercial lunar flyby system based on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft currently used to take crews to the ISS. In their Lunar Express architecture (see above diagram), a slightly modified Soyuz (e.g. a thicker thermal protection system) would dock with the ISS as usual. Later, a second launch vehicle would bring the lunar tourists in a second Soyuz plus a booster with a logistics carrier (LC). After the crew transfered to the first Soyuz, it would dock with the LC/booster combo. The booster would then fire and send the LC/Soyuz combination on a trip around the Moon. The Soyuz would detach from the LC and re-enter the atmosphere.

More details are available in CSI’s Lunar ExpressSM System: A low-cost manned trip around the Moon in 3 years or less - Nov. 2004 (pdf)

Deep Space Expeditions - Space Adventures
Direct Staged Mission

In 2005 the company Space Adventures, which arranges for the tourist flights to the ISS, announced a plan in cooperation with the Russian RSC Energia company to provide a system to fly a private crew around the Moon. The website provides a video animation of such a mission. Their architecture is similar to that of CSI's except their lunar Soyuz does not dock with the ISS but instead goes into orbit for just a few days until a second launch brings a "high-energy upper stage called Block DM" into orbit. The Soyuz docks with the this upper stage booster and it fires to send the Soyuz on its trip around the Moon.


Real-Time Space Viewers
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Weather maps, remote sensing
and spysat images.
Space Weather Viewer
Space Weather
Sun, solar wind, aurora images
and the latest data

Space Explorer Viewer
Space Explorers
Images and data from
deep space probes.

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