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Welcome to HobbySpace. the site that will prove to you that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another.
February 2006
A Space Activity in the Spotlight
Public participation in space science projects
Stardust at Home
Analyze images of the samples of a comet recently returned to earth from space by the Stardust spacecraft. Registration info

SETI at Home
SETI @ Home

Use your home computer to analyze radio telescope data for indications of signals from an extraterrestrial civilizations.

systemic project
systemic- characterizing extrasolar planetary
Analyze simulated astronomical data for signs of planetary systems. Participants can use the System Console to discover and characterize planets within the data sets. Intro and. FAQ.

Space Artist Spotlight
70 Virginis b and Moons by Lynette Cook
Water World Rising by Lynette Cook    Human Journey
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Lynette Cook
Lynette Cook
More space art...
Space Music of the Month
Hubble Telescope Music Video

"Take a thrill ride through 15 years of Hubble images, starting with Hubble’s first picture and ending with its anniversary image of the Whirlpool Galaxy. In less than three minutes, 800 Hubble images flash over the screen, sometimes as fast as 60 pictures per second."
Previous space music in spotlight
Recent Features

Climbing a Commercial Stairway to Space: A Plausible Timeline? Vers. 2006
Laying out a scenario for the private development of space.

Review: X PRIZE Cup Expo
Coverage of the October Rocket Fest in New Mexico

More Interviews, Articles, and Special Topics.

Solar Week
The Space Sciences Laboratory at UC-Berkeley is sponsoring the Solar Week online educational event during March 6th to the 10th. Each day is dedicated to a different aspect of solar science.
Students in the USA and Europe are encouraged to participate.
It's a Whole New Outer Space Out There

MXER sling system -
Momentum-Exchange/Electrodynamic-Reboost (MXER) Tether -

Space tethers have many applications and the MXER is a particularly interesting example. According to the MXER page at, such a "sling" system can

"provide propellantless propulsion for a wide range of missions, including: orbital maneuvering and stationkeeping within Low Earth Orbit (LEO); orbital transfer of payloads from LEO to GEO, the Moon, and Mars; and eventually even Earth-to-Orbit (ETO) launch assist. By eliminating the need for propellant for in-space propulsion, MXER tethers can enable payloads to be launched on much smaller launch vehicles, resulting in order-of-magnitude reductions in launch costs...."

Earthquake Prediction from Space
QuakeSat, launched in 2003, uses "an innovative space based technique to search for the emission of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) magnetic signals, which have shown to be an earthquake precursor phenomenon." The project is a spinoff of a nanosat program at Stanford University. The Quakefinder project uses data from QuakeSat sensors and other sources to study if earthquakes can be predicted. The spacecraft was built according to the cubesat standard now used by many nanosat projects.

Mars Amateur Spacecraft
GO Mars AMSAT project

The German chapter of the AMSAT amateur satellite community is leading a project that will send a small spacecraft to Mars in 2009. It will be of similar cost and complexity as the large AMSAT P3-D satellite launched in 2000. Info in English.

Real-Time Space Viewers
Earth Viewer
Weather maps, remote sensing
and spysat images.
Space Weather Viewer
Space Weather
Sun, solar wind, aurora images
and the latest data

Space Explorer Viewer
Space Explorers
Images and data from
deep space probes.

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