Videos: “Space to Ground” ISS report – Aug.10.2019

This week’s episode of NASA’s Space to Ground report on activities related to the International Space Station:

** Northrop Grumman 11 Cygnus Release August 06, 2019

An unpiloted Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo spacecraft departed the International Space Station August 6, bound for several months of free-flying scientific investigation support before it is deorbited later this year. Expedition 60 Flight Engineers Nick Hague and Christina Koch of NASA used the Canadarm2 robotic arm to release Cygnus after it was unberthed from the Earth-facing port of the Unity module by robotic flight controllers following more than three months attached to the orbital outpost. Cygnus is being used as a platform to deploy a number of small nanosatellites during its extended stay in orbit. The vehicle is scheduled to be deorbited in December to burn up harmlessly in Earth’s atmosphere.

** Spacecast Weekly – August 9, 2019

SpaceCast Weekly is a NASA Television broadcast from the Johnson Space Center in Houston featuring stories about NASA’s work in human spaceflight, including the International Space Station and its crews and scientific research activities, and the development of Orion and the Space Launch System, the next generation American spacecraft being built to take humans farther into space than they’ve ever gone before.

** Expedition 60 Inflight with Slover Library August 9, 2019

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 60 Flight Engineer Nick Hague of NASA discussed life and research on the orbital laboratory during an in-flight educational event August 9 with students gathered at the Slover Library in Norfolk, Virginia. Hague is in the midst of a long-duration mission on the station.

** NASA Live: Earth From Space – Nasa Live Stream | ISS LIVE FEED


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