Videos: TMRO Space Pod short reports on astronomy, ISS, SpaceX, meteor showers,

Here are some recent Space Pod short video reports on a variety of topics:

*  Top 5 Astronomy Stories of 2015 – SpacePod 12/25/15

TMRO Astronomer Jared Head tells us his Top 5 astronomy stories of 2015 (and don’t forget to watch all the way to the end).

* Unplanned spacewalk on the station – Space Pod 12/23/15

TMRO correspondent Lisa Stojanovski explains why a sudden unplanned spacewalk on the International Space Station was such a big deal.

SPACEX MAKES HISTORY!!! – Space Pod 12/22/15

On Dec. 21st 2015 SpaceX successfully returned their Falcon 9 rocket to flight status, successfully delivered 11 Orbcomm satellites to orbit, and made spaceflight history when they landed the first stage of the rocket safely at a landing zone near the launch site.

How To View A Meteor Shower – SpacePod 12/18/15

TMRO Chief Astronomer Jared Head shows you how to properly view a meteor shower.

* Surfing on the Space Station – Space Pod 12/16/15

Today we take a look at the Dynamic Surf experiment being performed on the International Space Station to better understand heat transfer in space.

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