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Welcome to HobbySpace. the site that will prove to you that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another.
January 2013
Space for All Blog NewSpace Watch Blog
Space Hobbies & Activities in the Spotlight

Citizen Scientists Find More Exoplanets

The Planet Hunters citizen science program has announced success again in finding planets around other stars: A Newly Confirmed Planet and 42 Additional Planet Candidates.

They announced the discovery and confirmation of a second confirmed planet : PH2 b-a Jupiter-size planet in the habitable zone of a star like the Sun. A paper describing the discovery was submitted to the Astrophysical Journal and is available to the public at

Though the planet is in the habitable zone (i.e. where liquid water could be stable), it is a gas giant liike Jupiter. So "there is no solid surface or liquid environment for life to thrive". Perhaps there are Moons, though...

In addition, they announced "the discoveries of 31 long-period planet candidates with periods more than 100 days, including 15 candidates located in the habitable zones of their host stars. The candidate list is a joint effort between the volunteer Planet Hunters, and the science team."

"Several dedicated Planet Hunters collected information on candidates and carried out light curve modeling and initial vetting for false positives. The science team then decided the priority of each target on the candidate list and conducted follow-up observations."

Space Art Spotlight

Powerlanders by Mark Maxwell

Heavy Lunar Crane by Mark Maxwell
Heavy Lunar Crane

Prospecting for Polar ice by Mark Maxwell
Prospecting for Polar Ice

On Orbit Lunar Lander Assembly at ISS by Mark Maxwell
On Orbit Lunar Lander Assembly at ISS

Moonrush by Mark Maxwell

Mark Maxwell
More space art...
Space News from Virtual Amanda Bush

In the first Virtual SpaceTV 3D show of 2013, Amanda Bush returns to report on the flyby of the asteroid Toutatis, first results of Mars soil analysis by the Curiosity rover, and the debut of the Golden Spike commercial manned lunar exploration venture. :


Other Virtual SpaceTV 3D shows are available on the HobbySpace Youtube Channel.

The Virtual SpaceTV 3D shows are created by BINARY SPACE ( with story content from These videos are intended as demonstrations of an experimental technique for generating animated presentations. The show was generated autonomously by software according to a text script. The project is described in the Virtual Producer whitepaper (pdf). For further information contact

Here are the preceding two shows in the Virtual SpaceTV 3D series:

Virtual SpaceTV 3D - November
Episode III: Interstellar travel based on future technologies
Space Music Video of the Month


Jewel in the Night
by Chris Hadfield
Written by CSA astronaut Hadfield and first recorded during
his current stay on the International Space Station

Previous space music in spotlight

It's a Whole New Outer Space Out There

SpaceX Grasshopper Reusable Booster Prototype

The company SpaceX has successfully built the Falcon 9 expendable rocket and launched its Dragon spacecraft twice to deliver cargo to the International Space Station. The Falcon 9 and Dragon were developed at a fraction of what it would have cost NASA to develop them and the Falcon 9 launches for about three times less than similar medium scale launch vehicles. However, to achieve really dramatic decreases in the cost of accessing space, fully reusable vehicles that can be turned around quickly for a new launch must be developed.

SpaceX aims to develop a fully and rapidly reusable launch vehicle and has begun testing a prototype first stage reusable booster, which the company calls Grasshopper. It takes off and lands vertically. In the past few months the 10 story-tall Grasshopper has made brief hover flights. Here is video of the latest test, which took place on December 17, 2012:


The goal is eventually for both the first and second stages and the Dragon to return to the pad where they will be reattached and flown again within a short time. Here is an animation of such a system:


Check for the latest in leading edge rocket and space travel projects on the
Space Transport News Blog
Satellite Tracking at HobbySpace

Tutorial videos
Satellite tracks
Satellite track display

3-D viewing option
Run the Satellite Tracking Tool from BINARY SPACE right here at HobbySpace in your browser. The program allows you to track a large set of satellites in both low earth and geostationary orbits. (Note: the program requires Microsoft Silverlight, Version 5 or higher, as well as the latest version of your browser. Currently the program works on the Microsoft® Windows® platform only.) The Satellite Observing section provides additional information and web resources about the hobby of satellite tracking and watching.
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December 12 - February 13

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January 1999.

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