NASA MSFC Mighty Eagle to fly today + Morpheus Lander video of latest test

NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center’s Mighty Eagle vertical takeoff and landing vehicle will try a tethered flight test today. See updates at Mighty Eagle (NASAMightyEagle) on Twitter.

And here is a video of yesterday’s tethered flight test of the NASA JSC Project Morpheus lander:


The Morpheus team successfully completed Tether Test 30 with the Bravo vehicle at Johnson Space Center on Thursday, August 29, 2013. All test objectives were met within the ~63 second flight including ignition, an ascent of 5 meters with 15 seconds of hover at the apex, a 3 meter backwards lateral translation, another 15 seconds of hover, and a forward slant descent to “landing” (at the end of the crane tether) using free flight guidance. The Morpheus team plans to travel to KSC in early October to begin our free flight test campaign!