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Personal Space Histories
Space History - Part 4
(With Fred Becker)

A space bargain from a comic book ad in the 1960s. (SteveConley.com)

Usually we discuss history in terms of earth shaking impacts on nations, industries and militaries. Similarly, space history is usually discussed in terms of huge government programs, the Cold War and the Moon Race, big rocket hardware development projects, and so forth. However, we should not forget the tremendous effect space history had on the lives of individuals, even those not directly involved in the space programs.

The US-Soviet space race, in particular, was comparable to the mobilization for and participation in a war. The lives of both soldiers and civilians in this war were changed forever. Just as war history comes alive most vividly in the stories of individual participants, so too the history of space exploration.

Here is a list of web pages telling personal space histories.


Contact Light - a personal retrospective of Project Apollo
Kipp Teague's page describes both the history of the Apollo program and how it affected his life as a kid in the late 60's and early 70's. He shows lots of photos of spacecraft and launches but also of memoribilia of the time such as magazine covers and model rocket kits.

Companion site Apollo Archive holds an enormous set of resources - images, video & audio clips, etc - on the Apollo project.

FAS - Challenger Accident
Where were you when you heard about the Challenger disaster? How did it affect you and your attiude towards Space? The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) provided an archive of testimonies from the public on these questions.
NASA JSC -Oral History Project
Participants in the NASA space projects relate their first hand experiences.

EyeWitness to Space History
Justin Milliun publishes here is account space history events such as Skylab 3 launch. He invites others to add their sites.

Moonwalk- ECHO Science & Technology Memory Bank
This site is dedicated to saving personal recollections of historical events. Th Moonwalk page is dedicated to memories of the Apollo missions.
Where Were You?
Where were you on July 20, 1969? This site provides a collection of stories from the public on their memories of that day.
More Sites


Memories of Woomera
Woomera  in south Australia was a very active British space launch range until the early 1970's when Britain canceled its missile program. This site by Mark T. Rigby provides a history of Woomera and also this page of letters from people who remember its heyday.


Thomas Lindblad's Rockets from Kronogård
Thomas Lindblad, a physics professor at the Royal Insitute of Technology in Stockholm, worked as a teenager on the first rocket launches from Sweden (along with Sven Grahn mentioned below). He provides lots of photos from the early 1960s of Nike rockets, payloads and launches.

Sven Grahn's Space Place
Sven Grahn, a top manager at the Swedish Space Corporation, became involved in space exploration as a teenager and was involved in the first rocket launches from Sweden (see Th. Lindblad above). He was especially interested in following the Soviet program and managed to pickup radio signals from many of their spacecraft.

Hear his Sounds from Space with audio clips from various spacecraft. More radio and tracking info are provide on his Radio Notes and Tracking Notes pages.

More Stories, Memoirs, Articles, and Books about
the Impact of Space Exploration on the Lives of Individuals

( Links collected by Fred Becker)

Vanguard Kids-- (found some 50's kids too)

Apollo Kids


The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey
NewSpace Watch at NSG









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