Video: German student group launches hybrid powered rocket to 32 km

A German student rocketry group launched a sounding rocket powered by a hybrid motor (solid fuel, liquid oxidizer) to over 32 kilometers last November: HyEnD – Hybrid Engine Development (Link via Commercial Space Blog) –

On Tuesday 8th November 2016, 10:30 LT, -18°C: our Hybrid sounding rocket HEROS 3 rocket was launched from ESRANGE, Kiruna [Sweden]. At almost perfect weather conditions and great visibility it reached an apogee of 32.3 km according to GPS and acceleration data and was successfully recovered with the drogue and main parachute being released. This sets a new record for European student and amateur rocketry. Furthermore, to our knowledge this is also a new altitude world rocket for hybrid rockets built by students. The maximum speed of HEROS 3 was 2600 km/h with a Mach number of 2.3. The hybrid rocket engine delivers 10 kN of thrust with a paraffin-based fuel and Nitrous Oxide as the oxidizer.