Space Art: “Giant Steps” competition + Illustrating other worlds

Giant Steps is an art exhibition and competition sponsored by Vital 5 Productions in Seattle, Washington.

First proposed as an imaginary exhibit on the website, Vital 5 Productions has decided to bring this concept to the international arts community as a competition and exhibition, designed to inspire the creative and technical communities to imagine and propose art projects on the surface of the Moon. While the incentive for the participating artist or team may not be the actualization of their project, there will be a $10,000.00 cash prize, determined by a jury composed of aerospace and art professionals. Beyond this monetary award, Giant Steps will yield an unprecedented bounty of art-in-space proposals, giving humanity at large an inspired and original collection of conceptual artworks previously not considered.

Find more about the program Art competition has lofty ambitions: the moon – The Seattle Times.



Artists at NASA JPL strive to make exotic distant worlds seem more like real places to the public rather than the abstractions of dry scientific language: What does space look like? These NASA artists are trying to show you – Pasadena Star News

Dan Goods, for example, depicted what the Juno mission will see in the clouds of Jupiter with an installation that

consists of a large cloud that hides infrared lights. Infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, but is visible to many cell phone cameras. Just as the Juno mission uses special detectors to peer through the clouds of Jupiter and reveal the depths of its storms, you can “see” lightning storms underneath this dynamic surface.

A whimsical but very appealing approach by Goods’ team to take the public to exoplanets was via a series of gorgeous travel posters: PlanetQuest – The Search for Another Earth


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