The Planetary Resources fund-raising for the ARKYD public access space telescope has reached 10,350 Backers and $916,582 pledged towards the $1,000,000 goal with 12 days to go. That’s a tremendous accomplishment for a space Kickstarter campaign but it actually seems a bit disappointing considering how fast the pledges were coming in during the first couple weeks. It looks like they will have to work hard just to make sure they reach the $1.0M goal, much less meet their $2M stretch goal to fund exoplanet searches.

Kickstarter campaigns often have a surge in the final few days as efforts intensify to meet the deadline. So it’s still likely they will beat the $1M goal and it will be interesting to see how far past it they get.

Follow their money raising rate at ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone by Planetary Resources :: Kicktraq.