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Weather Satellite Station
System 3...

Continuing our attempts to improve the quality and length of the weathersat images, we obtained a commercial receiver interface and decoder from Timestep [Timestep no longer sells sat reception equipment, Dartcom is one option]. This system also came with a software environment with satellite tracking, image processing, automatic image saving, etc.

  System 3:  Scandinavia visible
A false color image obtained with System 3 and using the PROsat software image processing tools. Sweden, Norway and much of the Baltic are visible. The visible and IR image data has been combined here. Larger version, Raw image.


System 3 - Countries outlined
Same image but with countries outlined using the PROsat software.

First setup
Our third system

System 3 still used the PCR1000 receiver and the same antenna. However, we replaced the decoding by sound card with a commercial interface box and its software from Timestep in Great Britain [Timestep no longer sells sat reception equipment, Dartcom is one option] :

  • PROsat LC Interface - this box receives the audio output from the receiver and decodes the image.
  • Software:
    • PROsat for Windows - this program environment talks to the LC interface. It combines the image decoding and handling with a satellite tracker. The satellite tracking program runs as a child window within PROsat and will monitor when a selected satellite will comes in range. (PROsat screen image)
    • Receiver control - the receiver still needed a separate control program such as the Icom program or RadioCom 3.0.

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