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Science Fiction

Solar SciFi, SciFi Analysis & Perspectives, 2001

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Sci-Fi of Interest

Astronauts in Trouble: Space 1959

Astronaut in Trouble: Live from the Moon

Astronauts in Trouble: One Shot, One Beer

Astronauts in Trouble: One Shot, One Beer
Larry Young, Charlie Adlard - 2000
Amazon: US UK

Astronauts in Trouble: Space 1959
Larry Young, Charlie Adlard - 2000
Amazon: US UK

Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon
Larry Young, Charlie Adlard, Matt Smith - 1999
Amazon: US UK

The Making of Astronauts in Trouble
Larry Young, Charlie Adlard, Matt Smith - 1999
Amazon: US UK

Graphic novels about the trials and triumphs of astronauts in space.

Give Us this Mars

Give Us This Mars
Thomas W. Cronin - 2003
Amazon: US  UK

Survivors of the first manned mission to Mars fight to keep their new home.

Part 2 of the As It Is On Mars (2001 Amazon: US  UK ) series.

The Hard SF Renaissance

The Hard SF Renaissance
edt. D. G. Hartwell & K. Cramer - 2002
Amazon: US UK

Anthology of over 40 Sci-Fi short stories written during the 1990s and based on scientifically plausible scenarios.

First Landing

First Landing
Robert Zubrin- 2001
Amazon: US  UK

The Mars exploration advocate Robert Zubrin tries his hand at fiction in this tale of the first human landing on that planet.


Red Moon

Red Moon
David S. Michaels - 2001
Amazon: US  UK

This ambitious novel ties together a mission in 2019 to the Moon with a last ditch effort back in the 1960s by the Soviet Union to land a man there before the US . This book has gotten tremendously positive comments in reader reviews at Amazon.


Solar Sci-Fi:
In our solar system.
In the not so distant future

Brian Aldiss - White Mars
White Mars
Brian Aldiss -2000


The Precipice by Ben Bova
The Precipice (Asteroid Wars, Book 1)
by Ben Bova - 2001
Amazon US UK

More Bova books:
The Rock Rats (The Asteroid Wars, Book 2) - 2002
Jupiter - 2001

Venus - 2000

Colony - 1999

Moonrise -1998
Moonwar - 1998
Mars -1993

Gregory Benford's Martian Race
Martian Race - 1999 (UK) 

Gregory Benford

Heart of the Comet - 1987
Jupiter Project - 1975


  Stephen Baxter

Voyage - 1997
Titan - 1998
Moonseed - 1998

Paul J. McAuley

Red Dust -1994
The Secret of Life - 2001(UK)

Ray Bradbury

Martian Chronicles - 1950

Illustrated Man - 1951

The Stories of Ray Bradbury - 1980

Arthur C. Clarke

The Collected Stories of
Arthur C. Clarke
- 2001

Earthlight - 1955

2001 A Space
- 1968

Hammer of God - 1993

  Hal Clement

The Essential Hal Clement - 1999

Half Life - 1999

Robert Heinlein

Space Cadet - 1948

Farmer in the Sky - 1950

Rolling Stones - 1952

Have Spacesuit Will Travel - 1958

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress - 1966

Frederick Turner
Genesis: An Epic Poem
Genesis: An Epic Poem
- 1988
Amazon: US
An tale of the settlement and terraforming of Mars presented in a dramatic epic poetry style.

  Jerry Pournelle

Birth of Fire - 1987
Starswarm : A Jupiter Novel - 1998
Lucifer's Hammer with Larry Niven - 1983

Homer Hickam

Back to the Moon

Back to the Moon - 1999

Kim Stanley Robinson

Red Mars - 1993

Green Mars - 1995

  Blue Mars - 1997

Martians - 1999

Tony Daniel

Metaplanetary: A Novel of Interplanetary
Civil War

- 2001
Elaborate tale of solar system society and conflict in the solar system a thousand years from now.
Amazon: US

Other Solar sci-fi

Ignition by K. J. Anderson, D. Beason - 1998

Jumping Off the Planet by David Gerrold - 2000 [Heinlein style juvenile]

Moving Mars by Greg Bear - 1994

James P. Hogan
Bug Park - 1997
Star Child - 1998
Outward Bound - 1999

Sex and Violence in Zero-G
Allen Steele, Ron Miller - 1999
Amazon: US 

Saturn's Race by Larry Niven, Steve Barnes - 2000

The Collapsium by Wil McCarthy - 2000

The Return by Buzz Aldrin, John Barnes - 2000

Genesis by Poul Anderson - 2000

Mars Crossing by Geoffrey A. Landis - 2000

Tom Sylvester
The Hohmann Transfer
The Hohmann Transfer
- 1999
The movie Space Cowboys
was based on this novel.

Dark Matter
Sheree R. Thomas (Editor)
anthology - 2000

Anthology of African-American speculative fiction with contributions spanning from the late 19th century to the present.

"This anthology's critical and historical importance is indisputable. But that's not why it will prove to be the best anthology of 2000 in both the speculative and the literary fiction fields. It's because the stories are great: entertaining, imaginative, insightful, sharply characterized, and beautifully written." - Amazon

The Rocket Men
Daniel Cline, Steven Ziplow
Audio tapes
"Set in the late 40's, this entertaining, full-cast science fiction melodrama give us Howard Hughes throwing his hat into the ring of the Cold War space race. The producer has carefully and effectively orchestrated production values to augment lackluster performances. The script boasts some high adventure and flashes of humor, as well as the usual sci-fi conceits." - AudioFile
Science Fiction of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Adam Starchild (Editor) - 1979

Randall Ingermanson,
John B. Olson - 2001
Explosion cripples a spacecraft on a voyage to Mars. The crew's survival depends on complete trust in one anotheróbut is one of the four the saboteur?

The Fifth Man
Randall Ingermanson,
John B. Olson - 2002
In the sequel to Oxygen, the crew tries to devise a way to return
to earth.

As It Is On Mars
As It Is On Mars
Thomas William Cronin - 2001
The Kasei Valley becomes the "spectacular setting for the drama following the catastrophic failure of NASA's first manned mission to Mars"
Moon Shots
Anthology of Moon stories to commemorate 30th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing - authors include Brian Aldiss, Alan Dean Foster, Ian McDonald, Robert Scheckley and Gene Wolfe - 1999

William Hartmann

Mars Underground - 1997

The Secret of Life
Paul J. McAuley - June 2001

Aurora 7
Thomas Mallon - 1991
reprinted several times

The author interweaves the lives of many characters around the world on the day of May 24, 1962 when Scott Carpenter orbits the earth in his Aurora 7 Mercury capsule.

Space Sci-Fi:
Analysis, History, & Perspectives
The Ascent of Wonder
Carbon-Based Bipeds!

Arthur C. Clarke

Ian MacAuley (Editor) -1999
Amazon: US
Space Travel
Ben Bova - 1997 - survey by the sci-fi author.
Amazon: US  UK
THE ASCENT OF WONDER: The Evolution of Hard Science Fiction
edt. D. G. Hartwell & K. Cramer - 1997
Amazon: US 

Skylife : Space Habitats in Story and Science
Gregory Benford (Ed), George Zebrowski (Ed) -2000
Amazon: US  UK

'Skylife' Could Be Definitive Look at Space Environments - Space.com - Mar.13.00

Designs on Space
Blueprints for 21st Century Space Exploration

Richard Wagner & Howard Cook - 2000
Amazon: US  UK
Review of current space technologies and those just over the horizon.

Spaceship Handbook
Jack Hagerty,
Jon C. Rogers - 2001
Amazon: US UK

All about spaceship designs in both sci-fi and actual aerospace. Great for modelers but also for anyone interested in the history of spaceship concepts.

2001: Building for Space Travel
John Zukowsky (Ed.), James N. Wood - 2001
Amazon: US  UK

"From the prophetic vision of a lunar voyage in Fritz Lang's science fiction film Woman in the Moon to the multistage rocket that propelled astronauts to the moon 40 years later, this bold, original work examines design for space travel in both fantasy and reality. A breathtaking look at the structures built to follow humankind's dreams out into the cosmos, it accompanies an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago and at the Museum of Flight in Seattle." - book description

2001: A Space Odyssey
2001 - A Space Odyssey -
Arthur C. Clarke - reissue
Amazon: US
2001 A Space Odyssey [Unabridged] - Audio Cassette
Amazon: US UK
2001 A Space Odyssey [Unabridged] - Audio CD
Amazon: US UK

Amazon: US

Amazon: US

2001 Filming the Future
Amazon: US

Kubrick's 2001 : A Triple Allegory
Leonard F. Wheat
- 2000
Amazon: US UK

Kubrick's 2001 A Triple Allegory - Slashdot - May.6.01

Slashdot | 2001 Book Author Responds  

 Stanley Kubrick : Interviews
Gene D. Phillips (Ed.) -2001
Amazon: US UK

Kubrick : Inside a Film Artist's Maze
Thomas A. Nelson - 2000
Amazon: US UK
Stanley Kubrick Companion
James Howard - 2001
Amazon: US UK


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