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Space Music

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Space Age Pop

Man in Space with Sounds
Man in Space with Sounds
Attilio Mineo (circa 1962)
"Man In Space With Sounds is one of those legendary LPs many have heard about but few have ever actually heard or seen. A rare souvenir of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, this music served as the soundtrack to a ride called the Bubbleator, which transported fair visitors through an overview of the future, a technological utopia where science and space travel promised solutions to all of humanity's plights." - Jack Diamond cover notes.

Patti LaBelle's Way Up There on CD-Single: Amazon

NASA commissioned theme song written by Tena Clark.

Brain in a Box
Brain in a Box:
The Science Fiction Collection
Amazon US UK
5 CD set of 115 tracks of music from all types of science fiction movies, TV and radio. Spans everything from Space Age Theremin sounds to Simpson's episode soundtracks.
Includes a 200 page hard bound book.

The Ventures: Telstar & Ventures in Space
The Ventures Play Telstar + Ventures in Space
Amazon : US UK
This CD includes music from two albums of the all guitar 60's instrumental group..

The Tornados
The Tornados
Amazon : US UK
IncludesTelstar written by Joe Meek. Telstar was the first
British song to become a top 40 hit in the US.

I Hear a New World
I Hear a New World:
An Outer Space Music Fantasy

Joe Meek & Blue Men
Amazon : US UK

Intended to strain the Hi-Fi, this album includes space age tracks like Orbit Around The Moon, and Dribcots Space Boat., predating Meek's Telstar.

I Hear a New World
I Hear a New World
Joe Meek & Blue Men
Amazon : US UK
This version include an extra bonus interview with the influential record producer Joe Meek.

Pop/Rock Space Music

David Bowie's Space Oddity
Space Oddity [Remaster] - 1969
David Bowie
Amazon: US

Inspired by images from Apollo 8's Christmas orbit of the Moon, Major Tom's ode was played often during the BBC's Apollo 11 coverage.

Honky Chateau [Remaster]
- 1972
Elton John
Amazon: US

Includes John's Rocket Man.
Also, included on his
Greatest Hits Vol.1

The Byrds:

Considered on of the greatest bands of the 1960s, the Byrds albums included several space inspired songs.

TheFifth Dimension [Remaster]
Amazon: US
Includes Mr Spaceman.

The Notorious Byrd Brothers [Remaster]
Amazon: US
Includes Space Odyssey.

Ballad of Easy Rider [Remaster]
Amazon: US
Includes Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins.

Beach House on the Moon
- 1999
Jimmy Buffet
Amazon: US

Kingston Trio -
the Stewart Years

Amazon: US
Includes These Seven Men &
Those Who Are Wise.


JUlia Ecklar - Divine Intervention
Julia Ecklar:
Divine Intervention
CD Release 2003
Amazon : US

Bob Kanefsky with
Julia Ecklar & Heather Alexander
Filk parodies.
Amazon : US
Hits from Outer Space
Dr. Demento's Hits from Outer Space
Amazon: US
Hawkwind: Space Ritual
Space Ritual

Amazon : US
Vangelis: Mythodea 
The Hidden Moon- 1999

Amazon: US
Instrumental / New Age
Vangelis: Mythodea
Mythodea: Music
for the NASA Mission:
2001 Mars Odyssey

Amazon : US

Vostok 6 - 2000
Kurt Swinghammer

Amazon: US

"Electronic concept album inspired by Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova"

Vangelis: Music of Cosmos
Music of Cosmos
[No longer available at Amazon]

Miek Oldfield - Songs of Distant Earth

Songs of Distant Earth
Mike Oldfield- 1996
Amazon: US
Inspired by Arthur C. Clarke's famous short story and book of the same name.

Biran Eno - Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks
Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks
Brian Eno - 1983
Amazon: US

Sound clips

Music from the For All Mankind documentary.

Digital Moonscapes - Wendy Carlos
Digitial Moonscapes
Wendy Carlos- 1984
Amazon: US

Vangelis Best of Space
Best in Space
Vangelis - 1996

Amazon: US

Comet's Tale
Patrick Kosmos- 2000
Amazon: US

Jean Michel Jarre - Rendezvous
Jean Michel Jarre - 1986
Amazon: US

Dedicated to the Challenger, the final track - Last Rendezvous - is a piece that Ron McNair was going to play from space on his saxaphone.

John Serrie
space music - planetarium music

Blue Cosmos
Amazon: US

SETI - 1994
Amazon: US

Above Black
SETI - 1998
Amazon: US
Space noise filtered with space pictures.

Moondawn - 1994
Klaus Schulze
Amazon: US

Images from Earth:
A History of the Planet Through Music

Michael Thomas Berkley - 1998
Amazon: US

Berkley presents a musical interpretation of the history of the planet. Gathering sounds from many cultures and styles, he paints the images of the earth in its many stages of development.
Exotiquarium :
Album Art from the Space Age

Fresh Aire V
Mannheim Steamroller
Fresh Aire V - 1997

Amazon: US

The music is inspired by Johannes Kepler's book, The Dream, from 1609 in which the dreamer travels to the moon.

Space Is The Place (Impulse!)
Sun Ra - 1972
Amazon: US
The Intimate Ellington
(incl. Moon Maiden)
Duke Ellington - 1977
Amazon: US

In Orbit Jazz Video
Filmmaker and designer Robin Noel & Austin-born jazz harpist Cindy Horstman
At the SpaceStore

Soundtracks to Space Movies & TV
Forbidden Planet Soundtrack
Forbidden Planet
1956 MGM Soundtrack
Music by Louis & Bebe Barron
Amazon: US

2001: A Space Odyssey -
Original Motion Picture Sountrack
(1996 Reissue)

Alex North's 2001 -
original soundtrack -
audio clips - main theme, Night Terrors

Mission to Mars Soundtrack
Mission to Mars Soundtrack

Original score by Ennio Morricone.
Amazon: US


Soundtrack to Carl Sagan's Cosmos Series

Cosmos Boxed Set (Collector's Edition)

From The Earth To The Moon Soundtrack
(1998 Television Mini-Series)

The Right Stuff
(1983 Film) Soundtrack


Classical & Symphonic Space Music

Planets - Montreal Symphony -
Clips: Mars, Venus

Winds of Mars &
The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
- 1998
Roderick Kettlewell
Amazon: US

Bach piano is played to wind sounds as derived from a temperature probe on the Mars Pathfinder.
Winds of Mars home site.

Space Music Videos on DVD
EarthLight - 1998

"EARTHLIGHT features breathtaking, never-before-seen digital video of the Earth shot by NASA astronauts from hundreds of miles in space, plus 80 minutes of dazzling Dolby Digital instrumental music by Ryan Shore....EARTHLIGHT's continuous play and video screensavers offer hours of viewing, listening, and relaxation."

Mars: The Red Planet (1999)
Besides many interactive featrues (see the Software/DVD department) these DVD also includes 80 min of music:
Gustav Holst's The Planets performed by Ryan Shore, who also composed three new songs that complete Holst's work.

Stargaze - 2000
Hubble Telescope images set to the music of 2002 with Dolby Digital Surround.

Planetary Traveler
Planetary Traveler - 1997

Travel through an animated solar system. to the music of Paul Haslinger of Tangerine Dream.

Stargaze - 2000
Hubble Telescope images set to the music of 2002 with Dolby Digital Surround.


Dr Demento's Hits from Outer Space
Dr. Demento's Hits from Outer Space - Amazon



To Touch the Stars
To Touch the Stars
Space songs CD
Prometheus Music
Star Cool - space music CD by Will Felten
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