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Star One
Star One - Arjen Anthony Lucassen
"..the individual songs are all based on space movies and are designed to act as vehicle
to that takes the listener on a journey through Arjen's mind and memory; A place
where they relive those great science fiction space films that made such an impact on him."

What is Spacerock?

Musical labeling has become more and more vague and arbitrary, especially in the world of pop and rock. New sub-genres continually emerge as different styles combine to create unique new styles.

Here we look at the variation of rock called "spacerock" in which, despite the title, most works are not directly inspired by "real" space. Enough of them are, however, to warrant inclusion of the genre here.

Spacerock was pioneered by the band Hawkwind. The space connection is mostly via the frequent sci-fi themes and lyrics.

It is strongly influenced by the British psychedelic style of the late 60s and is "Mind Music for the New Millennium!" according to Strange-Trips.

It also includes contributions from the 1970's Progressive Rock period and from Heavy Metal.

There is also a lot of overlap with electronic space music.

Here is just a small sample of the music and musicians in this genre. Follow the resource links to find out more about this vibrant music. [I'll try to expand this section considerably over time. - ed.]


Online Spacerock
Aural Innovations SpaceRock Radio


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