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Apollo 13:
10th Anniversary Widescreen Edition

2 Disks - Special Features, Imax Version, etc.



Astronauts in Trouble: Space 1959
Astronauts in Trouble: Space 1959
Larry Young, Charlie Adlard - 2000
Amazon: US UK

Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon
Larry Young, Charlie Adlard, Matt Smith - 1999
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Movie Space
Space in motion pictures...

Saturn Launcher
© Man Conquers Space
Image from Man Conquers Space - "A view of the Saturn
Launcher and its LUT (Launch Umbilical Tower)"

We continue here with more info about Solar Sci-Fi type space space movies.

Upcoming movies are listed below. New movies of all genres are continually being proposed, developed, made and distributed.

Many concepts never make it past the "proposed" stage. This is epecially the case with Sci-Fi movies since there are innumerable sci-fi books on which movies can be proposed. However, getting the right script written and then finding the right director and actors are all difficult tasks.

We'll try to keep up-to-date on space films in the various stages of development.

Several space related movies have been made in the Imax format. Spectacular rocket launches and views from the shuttle are ideal for the large screen and up-close presentations.


 Coming Attractions

Man Conquers Space
This film will rely heavily on sophisticated computer aided graphics to provide in super realistic detail an alternative space history based on the vision of Wernher Von Braun and Chesley Bonestell for the future of space exploration as depicted in their famous series of articles in Collier's Magazine in 1952.

The film is being developed as if it were a documentary in 1969 that is looking back on the accomplishments of the space program including the first landing on the Moon in 1963 and on Mars in 1968.

The Australian firm Surfaces Rendered, led by David Sander, is using advanced 3D graphics and animation techniques to create the film...more in Solar SciFi

Nov.13, 2004 update: Dissatisfied with a short version, David Sander decided to pursue a longer, more elaborate film. The What's New postings indicate progress has been made. See the latest film stills and a 4 minute film clip shown at a sci-fi meeting in July 2003.

However, there were also lots of problems including a disk crash that destroyed a considerable amount of development work.

Here is an interview with Sander at mike.whybark.com - January 2003 Archives - Jan.5-10 (scroll to botton and start with Jan 5th entry and work up.)

Interview with Blair Joscelyne
Composer of the soundtrack for Man Conquers Space
The background to the score of the alternative space history documentary.

Director Alfonso Cuaron (e.g. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) is developing this big budget 3D film about a female astronaut stranded on a space station after her companions are killed by the impact of satellite debris. Angelina Jolie withdrew from the project and the lead role was offered to Natalie Portman, who played Padmé in the second Star Wars trilogy. The movie is expected to come out in the 2012 time frame.

Star City
Will Smith's production company Overbrook Entertainment began planning back in 1998 to make this film based Bryan Burrough's book Dragonfly: NASA and the Crisis aboard Mir.

Can't find any info on the status of the project, however, as of June 2002, so it has probably been dropped.

The book described the many dramatic events that occured during the time that astronauts were aboard Mir such as a fire and a collision and near catastrophic lost of air pressure. There were also many cultural and communications difficulties between the Americans and Russians. If done well, the basis of a very good movie is there. Space.com- Mir Movie Back on Course - Aug.25.1999

Timothy Hines Pendragon Movies
"A live action science fiction fantasy motion picture about a future society of slave robots, the dark forces that oppress them and a legendary robot hero that rises up to bring justice and freedom to the world. " Some elements of the story include space settings.

Other space related films in early stages of development
(i.e. most will probably never reach the screen)

News Sources on Sci-Fi Films


IMAX Space Movie Galleries

Imax large format films shown on huge surround screens first appeared in the 1970s. The number of theatres and also the number of films have steadily grown. The selection now includes 3-D versions seen with special glasses.

Space themes have been a favorite of the IMAX audiences. The Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. had one of the earliest theatres and, along with other sponsors, funded some of the space features. The shuttles have been carrying IMAX cameras since the very first flight and in the coming years the astronauts will record the construction of the International Space Station.

Roving Mars
The story of the rovers Spirit and Opportunity told on the big IMAX screen.

Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D
" Presented And Narrated By Tom Hanks. This film project, to be released in on Sept.23, 2005, will recreate in 3-D the explorations of the Moon by the Apollo astronauts:

Space Station 3D (2002 - 47min)
This 3-D movie was filmed in space and shows the construction of the space station and life inside the station. Tom Cruise is the narrator. It opened in the US in April of 2002.

Apollo 13
Ron Howard's 35mm movie was converted for the really big screen with the DMR (Digital Remastering at IMAX) system. The DMR enlarges the 35mm frames to the huge IMAX frame size while minimizing graininess and distortions.

Mission to Mir (1997, 40min)
Footage of a Shuttle-Mir rendevous and docking. Includes film of Star City and a Soyuz launch.

L5 - First City in Space (1996, 35min, 3D)
This feature differs from the usual documentary style IMAX film. It presents a conventional story line set on a huge space station (ala Gerard O'Neill). Much of the film is computer generated. It follows the story of small girl who is the first human born in space.

Destiny in Space (1994, 40min)
Special feature for the Air & Space Museum & Lockheed Martin about the future of space exploration using film taken from the shuttle.
Blue Planet (1990, 42min)
The camera runs from earth orbit to the Serengeti in this homage to earth's rich natural beauty. We see the earth from space and from the ground in all its glory but also see the ecological damage caused by humans. It also emphasizes how the space perspective can be used to study and appreciate the earth's fragile ecosystem. (Air&Space/Lockheed Martin)
The Dream is Alive (1985, 37min)
A presentation of the Air& Space Museum & Lockheed Martin that included extensive footage of 3 shuttle missions in 1984 during launch, the astronauts working in orbit and on EVA's, and the landing.
Hail Columbia! (1982, 36min)
A record of the maiden voyage of the first shuttle's trip to orbit.
Other info

More Space Movie Resources

Mars Movie Guide - San Diego Mars Society
Long listing of virtually every movie ever made that so much as mentions the word Mars. Includes Coming attractions.

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Bad Movies
Reviews of the astronomical and space technology mistakes made in various sci-fi space movies past and present.
IMDb - Internet Movie Database
Amazon.com's database seems to include just about every movie ever made. Gives plot synopsis, info on director, actors, and technical details. Reviews available for some movies
This site is dedicated to the art of rocket design in pre-space age movies and science fiction. Provides photos and descriptions of films from 1920s-1960s.
Magic Dragon: Space Movies
Magic Dragon
offers a huge science fiction resource site including this section on space movies. Also, see the section on Sci-Fi movies.

Cinefex is a quarterly journal devoted to special effects in movies and often carries articles on space films.

Science/technical accuracy in sci-fi movies
The degree of scientific authenticity in sci-fi movies varies widely, though most are bunched in the in-authentic end of the spectrum.
The Final Journey
The Russian director Yuri Kara attempted in the late 1990s to create the first movie with scenes actually acted out and filmed in space.

Russian movie actor Vladimir Steklov would have been sent to the Mir space station where he would film parts of this movie about a cosmonaut who refuses to return to earth.

In the article Can Lance Bass Sing His Way Into Space by James Oberg -SpaceDaily - Aug.28.02, Oberg reviews attempts previous to Lance Bass to send civilians to Mir or the ISS using secondary funding sources.

He discusses the nearly successful attempt to send Steklov to Mir. However, the Russian space agency backed out because it demaned full payment for the flight up front rather than relying on the promise of profits from the movie and sponsorships attracted by the flight.

Sci-fi & Other Movie Sites

Articles on space in the movies

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Analog Science Fiction & Fact
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