Video: Planetary Society Hangout looks at sequester and NASA budget

The latest Planetary Society Hangout discussed the question of how the US budget sequester process will affect

NASA’s programs and goals? How does the budgeting process normally work? How normal (or abnormal) a situation is this for planning budgets and reaching goals at the U.S. Space Program? We answer all of these questions with Dr. Jon Morse, Professor of Physics at RPI and previous Director of Astrophysics at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C

UNOOSA – STSC 2013 technical presentations

Theo Pirard of the Space Information Center/Belgium sends me a pointer to the technical presentations given at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs‘s Scientific and Technical Subcommittee: 2013 50th Session (STSC 2013) going on this month (11-22 February)

Some samples:

Russian fireball explosion heard far away by infrasound sensors

Distant infrasound detectors picked up the big sonic boom on meteor fireball that expoded last Friday over  Chelyabinsk meteor blast :