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Video: TMRO Orbit.29 – 2017 Solar Eclipse

The latest live program is now in the archive: 2017 Solar Eclipse – Orbit 10.29 – TMRO

Dr. Madhulika (Lika) Guhathakurta, NASA’s Lead Scientist for the 2017 Solar Eclipse joins us to talk about the upcoming eclipse, the Sun and solar weather. For more information on the eclipse and information on how you can do citizen science head over to NASA’s eclipse website at

Space news reviewed:

  • New Horizons Next Target, 2014 MU69, Surprises In Study
  • Commercial Crew Updates: One Year Away Edition
  • Most Accurate Measurement Of Dark Matter Distribution Yet
  • Two new Companies to launch rockets from balloons

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Video: Starshade & Eclipses – The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo hosts the latest Planetary Post report from the Planetary SocietyStarshade & Eclipses – The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

The Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st is coming up! We’re getting ready with the U.S. National Parks Service and a new Junior Ranger Eclipse Explorer activity book. Also, Starshade is new technology being studied by a team at JPL/NASA and Picardo has the inside scoop.


Video: Making music from a solar eclipse with the Kronos Quartet

On August 21st, the Kronos Quartet will create music out of the solar eclipse in an event sponsored by San Francisco’s Exploratorium and organized by composer Wayne Grim :

Eclipse Sonification with Kronos Quartet Offers a Chance
to Listen to “Music of the Spheres”

The sun expels another giant spray of coronal mass reports on another massive explosion from the sun, this time on the farside:

Earlier today, July 23rd, a spectacular CME emerged from the farside of the sun. Coronagraphs onboard the orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) tracked the fast-moving cloud as it billowed into space:

And here is a GIF video of the Sun as seen by the STEREO spacecraft;

At around 5:00 on 2017/07/23 there is a large coronal mass ejection.


If this explosion had occurred 2 weeks ago when the huge sunspot was facing Earth, we would be predicting strong geomagnetic storms in the days ahead. Instead, the CME is racing away from our planet … and directly toward Mars. Compared to Earth, the Red Planet is currently on the opposite side of the sun, and apparently in the crosshairs of this CME. Mars rovers Curiosity and Opportunity might be observing the effects of a solar storm later this week.

Videos: Solar eclipses, syzygy, and citizen solar science

The Planetary Society has released three short videos about the solar eclipse over the US on August 21st:

Bill Nye explains the basics of a solar eclipses, the path of totality, and how to safely view a solar eclipse with National Park Ranger Coral O’Riley.

Bill Nye loves syzygy and Dr. Ashwin Vasavada from JPL talks about a curious eclipse on Mars

Bill Nye explains how to see the Milky Way after a solar eclipse and Dr. Tyler Nordgren shows an ancient eclipse petroglyph.

And here is NASA initiative to involve the public in experimental solar science: Become a Citizen Scientist During Total Solar Eclipse | NASA