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Video interview with Helen Sharman

Via the Rocketeers blog comes the video interview with Helen Sharman, one of the first genuine civilian space travelers and the first Briton to go to space.

(I’ll note that she was in no way the first  space tourist, though she is sometimes referred to as that. She did not decide to go to space and then made it happen with her own resources. She was instead selected in a competition with thousands of other people and her scientific background strongly influenced that selection.)

Andrew Chaikin on The Space Show + Space law roundup

Andrew Chaikin talked about “Neil Armstrong & his One small step for man lunar comment, space policy, space media, and more” on The Space Show yesterday: Andrew Chaikin, Sunday, 1-13-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog


Res Communis post the latest collection of space and aviation law, regulation and policy links:Library: A Round-up of Reading.