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Tenth anniversary of the Shuttle Columbia disaster

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Columbia accident. NASA held memorial events at Arlington National Cemetery and Kennedy Space Center.

There are hundreds of articles and commentaries in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other publications on line to day. (See, for example, and Here is a sampling of items about the tragedy and its affect on the US space program:

See also the earlier post here about this week of sad anniversaries and it includes links to web resources for these space tragedies.


Wayne Hale and the Columbia aftermath + Rand Simberg and what ended the Shuttle program

Continuing  his series on the Columbia disaster, former Space Shuttle flight directory and program manager Wayne Hale writes about the memorials and the accident site activities  in the months following the tragedy : After Ten Years: Picking Up the Pieces – Wayne Hale’s Blog.

Find links to Hale’s previous posts here and here.


Rand Simberg responds to some comments in the Space Safety Magazine special report on Columbia : The Columbia Disaster – Transterrestrial Musings

A week of remembering

This week marks anniversaries for three tragedies for NASA and the United States:

Here is a sampling of articles and commentary about these events (I will be adding more as the week goes by):

NASA fires F-1 engine gas generator

As part of the SLS archeology project, a group  of NASA engineers have refurbished a gas-generator , essentially a separate rocket engine used to drive pumps for the main engine, used for the famous Saturn F-1 engines and fired it several times.

718979main_IMG_7022_cropped_800-600[1]Engineers in the F-1 gas generator project take on the 1960s NASA look.