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Copenhagen Suborbitals: Update on launch escape system, model tests

Kristian von Bengtson of Copenhagen Suborbitals reports on the latest work with the Tycho Deep Space II capsule development: Launch Escape System and Scaled Model Testing – Wired Science/ 


Tomorrow, Monday 25, at 10AM EST / 10PM Copenhagen time I will be doing another Reddit Ask Me Anything session, together with Cameron Smith. The topics is space suit, life support and general human factors related to capsule and suit work at Copenhagen Suborbitals. Stay tuned for link!

Cameron Smith and his space suit pursuit

I mentioned yesterday that Copenhagen Suborbitals will partner with DIY space suit builder Cameron M. Smith on a suit for their suborbital space vehicle. Smith, an anthropologist at Portland State University,  has now posted at Wired about how he came to design and build space suits: Guest Blog: Dr. Cameron M. Smith and His DIY Suit – Wired Science/