Video: SETI artists in residence event

The SETI Institute had a recent event in which their two artists in residence discuss their work:  Greater than the Sum. A SETI Artist In Residence Special Event – YouTube

The third installment of the SETI Artist in Residence Program speakers series will feature two authors: Edward Frenkel, professor of mathematics at U.C. Berkeley, and Marc Weidenbaum, whose new book, for the 33 1/3 series, is about the Aphex Twin album Selected Ambient Works Volume II. Frenkel will talk about his recent book, Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality (Basic Books), which the New York Times, among others, has praised for its passionate depiction of why “math deserves to be an integral part of our culture.”

Weidenbaum will describe his development of a globe-spanning network of hundreds of musicians and sound artists who have participated in the Disquiet Junto, his weekly series of compositional prompts that explore restraint as a creative springboard. Frenkel and Weidenbaum will pose questions to each other at the end, and the evening will be moderated by SETI’s first artist-in-residence, Charles Lindsay.

Greater than the Sum. A SETI Artist In Residence Special Event – YouTube


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