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The film “Europa Report” expected for summer release

A movie based in the premise of human exploration of the Jupiter moon Europa will be released next summer. Here is the website for the film: Europa Ventures LLC

For decades, scientists have theorized the existence of liquid water oceans on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. We’ve recently discovered new, captivating evidence that these sub-surface oceans do exist and could support life.

We’ve sent six astronauts from space programs throughout the world on a three year journey to Europa to explore its oceans and confirm these findings.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of the effort to prove the existence of extra-terrestrial life within our solar system, within our lifetimes.

More about the movie:

Here is a trailer and a teaser video[from last fall]:

Update:  Via corrections in the comments, I realized that the following video is not from Europa Report as originally stated but is from another film named simply Europa:

More about this film can be found at Sci-fi thriller on the world’s water crisis – WASH News International – Dec.23.11 .

Here is the video shown on the Europa Report website as though it were a live feed from the spaceship:

Adelaide Orchestra live accompaniment to 2001: A Space Odyssey

On March 8 and 9 at the Adelaide Festival, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and 60-voice Adelaide Chamber Singers performed live the soundtrack music to showings of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Here is a review of the movie and the musical performance: 2001: A Space Odyssey with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Adelaide Chamber Singers conducted by Robert Ziegler – review – Alex Needham/

Robert Ziegler, the conductor, writes here about the challenges of such a performance: What I’m thinking about … conducting Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey –

Planetary Collective’s Overview short film and Continuum documentary

The Planetary Collective is a

a group of filmmakers, visual media creatives and thinkers who work with cosmologists, ecologists, and philosophers to explore some of the big questions facing our planet at this time.

Embracing a multidisciplinary, multi-media approach, we brings scientists, philosophers, and researchers together with designers, coders, and creatives to bring new perspectives to audiences around the world in fresh and innovative ways.

The have created a  short film Overview about astronauts’ experiences in space. It is a prelude to their  feature film Continuum,

The planet is in crisis. The root of the environmental and social crises facing humanity is the misperception that we are separate – from each other, the planet, and the cosmos as a whole. The solution to this crisis can be found in an emerging worldview that points to our interdependence.

The CONTINUUM feature-length documentary will explore this worldview, weaving together perspectives and ideas from some of the key theorists and thinkers in the fields of cosmology, environmentalism, sustainability, social theory, anthropology, and systems dynamics, telling the story of where we have come from, where we are now, and the possibilities for our future.

The have a crowd-funding campaign on to fund the completion of the Continuum project: Planetary Collective presents CONTINUUM by Planetary Collective — Kickstarter.

We’ve already shot twenty amazing interviews, and some stunning visual narrative footage, but we need to raise a final round of funding to shoot 5-6 more interviews, and carry us through post-production to finish the film.

With $80,000 dollars, we can finish this film. But with more than that, we can make it more amazing, and bring it to you even faster.

Here is the trailer for Coninuum:

And here is the short film OVERVIEW: