Project Calliope and the growth of CubeSat projects

Project Calliope at  Science 2.0 supports astronomer Sandy Antunes’s construction of a CubeSat style nanosatellite that he plans to launch on Interorbital‘s low cost rocket. He periodically posts an update or comment at Science 2.0 and his latest is about the growing number of CubeSat projects worldwide : Who Can Launch a CubeSat? – Science 2.0

We are still at a cusp when CubeSats are few– a couple dozen in a year, spread out across the world– but growing.  I predict that, in three to four years, most universities and colleges will have CubeSat capability, much as most are starting to teach app development or 3d printing– fields that were also new half a decade ago, but are rapidly reaching the level of commodity and even necessity.

Find more info at the Project Calliope website and in the Project Calliope entry in the HobbySpace Satellite Building section.


AMSAT & ISS amateur radio news

Go to AMSAT News for the latest headlines about developments in amateur and student satellites and for updates about amateur radio on the ISS.

ANS 153 Weekly AMSAT Bulletin – June 1, 2013:

* Deadline for AMSAT-NA Board of Directors Nominations Approaching
* Barry Baines, WD4ASW Interview with Amateur Radio Newsline
* IARU Issues Position Paper on Nanosatellites and Picosatellites
* Joe Spier K6WAO Joins ANS Editorial Staff
* 5 in EM55 Award

Spacevidcast 6.15: Crowdfunding your next space program

The latest Spacevidcast live program video is now online: Crowdfunding your next Space Program – Spacevidcast.

This is from the capiton:

Planetary Resources introduced a $1,000,000 kickstarter project and raised over 1/2 the funds required in 2 days! Does this mean that crowd funded space programs will start cropping up more often?

In Space News we look at recent launches, radiation in space, Rats on Mars and the Space Launch System. We are joined by Douglas Messier of for an update on ISDC as well as what is going on in Mojave. For more information on each story check out our wiki here:

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