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ISDC 2013 happening in San Diego

The National Space Society‘s annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is happening over this holiday weekend in San Diego, California.

Internet connectivity appears to be limited: Greetings from ISDC in La Jolla – Parabolic Arc.

However, you can find real time Twitter updates at

Update: Another report from Doug Messier: Zany ISDC Enters Second Day – Parabolic Arc

Starship Century – anthology book and symposium on interstellar flight

Starship Century –  Toward the Grandest Horizon  is an anthology project of Gregory Benford , professor of Physics at UV Irvine and a noted science fiction writer, and his brother James Benford, president of Microwave Systems.

In this ground-breaking anthology James Benford and Gregory Benford combine their talents and celebrated intellects to bring together top scientific leaders and top science fiction writers—all focused on getting us (humans) to the next chapter in space travel, interstellar flight.

This week the Starship Century Symposium 2013 was held at the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at the UC San Diego. Speakers included scientists and engineers Freeman Dyson, Paul Davies, Peter Schwartz, John Cramer and Robert Zubrin and science fiction authors Neal Stephenson, Allen Steele, Joe Haldeman, Gregory Benford, Geoffrey Landis and David Brin.

Here are two reports on the talks and discussions:


Galaxy Forum USA 2013 – July 4th, Santa Clara, California

An announcement from International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) and the Space Age Publishing Company the following educational space event”:

Galaxy Education, Galaxy Exploration and Galaxy Enterprise in the 21st Century

JULY 4, 2013

Thursday Morning 9:30 – 11:30
Embassy Suites Santa Clara
2885 Lakeside Drive, Santa Clara

Presentations by:

  • Mariska Kriek, University of California, Berkeley
    Growing Galaxies

  • Steve Durst, Int’l Lunar Observatory Assoc / SPC Founder
    ILO Galaxy First Light Imaging and Exploration

  • Marco Pavone, Asst Professor, Stanford University
    Surface Exploration of Small Solar System Bodies: Challenges and Prospects

  • Tony Cardoza of Cardoza-Bungey Travel in Palo Alto,  Accredited Space Agent for Virgin Galactic
    Pioneering Businesses with Galactic Aspirations

  • Panel Discussion

This FREE event is open to the public. Seating is limited. Please RSVP today: or 650-324-3705

Presented by ILOA and Space Age Publishing Co.

Soyuz with ISS crew lands safely while Chris Hadfield’s video goes viral

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, US astronaut Thomas Marshburn and Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko returned safely to earth today: Soyuz capsule brings three-man crew to safe landing – SpaceflightNow.


Hadfield’s “Space Oddity” music video (see Sunday posting) on the ISS has become viral sensation. It’s up to nearly 3.9 million views at the moment.


Hadfield defends the ISS as a research station and sees the big picture for why humans are learning to live and work in space: Chris Hadfield says [NASA]’s job is not to ‘titillate’ – BBC

“We are leaving Earth permanently,” he said with zeal. “It is a huge historic step and we are trying to do it right and it takes time, it takes patience and it takes tenacity – and we’re going to do it.”

His argument is that the construction and utilisation of the ISS will lead to the development of technologies that will eventually enable humanity to leave Earth and settle on other worlds. But that process will be a slow and incremental one.