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Students study fire in microgravity on parabolic flight

Students at Univ. of California at San Diego carried out experiments on combustion and flame in weightlessness while riding on a NASA plane flying parabolic trajectories:

This article describes the odd behavior of flames in microgravity:  Strange Flames on the ISS – NASA Science. This video, seen also in this earlier post, is about the “strange, cool-burning form of fire”:




Charles Simonyi at the Kansas Cosmosphere

Billionaire Charles Simonyi, who flew twice to the ISS at his own expense (see Charles in Space), visits the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson, Kansas and there is a lot of mutual admiration :  Kansas Cosmosphere impresses visiting billionaire space tourist – Wichita Eagle.

The next-gen Teachers in Space

Ed Wright of Citizens in Space gives the background to various programs aimed at sending teachers and other educators into space and lays out his organization’s plans for the future: Teachers in Space: The Next Generation –

Citizens in Space continues to expand and grow. We have not abandoned the original goals of Teachers in Space, nor have we “split” the program or transferred any part of the program to another organization. We still hope to enable a large number of teachers to fly in space and return to the classroom, along with people from every walk of life.

There are other organizations that have the goal of flying teachers in space. The Challenger Center for Space Science Education has acquired two seats on a Virgin Galactic flight for teachers. Virgin Galactic has also donated a seat to the Royal Air Force for a British teacher. So far, however, we are the only organization that has purchased a significant block of flights and initiated a training program for citizen astronauts. We hope we will not be alone much longer. Regardless of what other organizations do, however, our path is clear. As President Reagan said, our hopes and journeys will continue.