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Spacevidcast 6.11: 3D printing rocket engine contest

Spacevidcast posts the video of the latest live program: 3D Printing Rocket Engine Contest – 6.11


Darlene from DIYROCKETS joins us to talk about a contest to create a 3D printed rocket engine.

Jefrey from the Yuri’s Night Executive Team is in-studio to chat about YN2013 and where the team would like to take the parties in the future.

Obama wants NASA to capture an asteroid at the expense of Planetary Sciences.

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Space on the John Batchelor Show: Bob Zimmerman and Hotel Mars

Bob Zimmerman reports on the latest space news during regular weekly slots (usually Tuesday and Thursdays) on the John Batchelor radio program. See the iTunes free Podcast for links to the latest shows.

Tuesday’s segment: Space:
1. A rocket launch tomorrow by North Korea?
2. India wants to privatize its launch fleet.
3. Boeing about to begin wind tunnel tests of its manned capsule.
4. Antares is scheduled for launch April 17.
5. NASA has delayed its first manned commercial launch by one year.

Wednesday’s segment: Climate:
1. The scientists who tried to re-invent Michael Mann’s hockey stick graph have admitted their data is worthless.
2. The weak solar minimum continues.
3. Another global warming advocate admits the climate has not warmed for two decades.
4. Which means: The doom and gloom shifts to reports of extreme weather!

Thursday segment: Space
1. Has Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted the remains of a 1971 Soviet Mars lander?
2. The Orion capsule begins stress tests, after being repaired from cracks.
3. Boeing introduces a new line of tiny commercial satellites.
4. Canada’s Radarsat 1 goes dead.


On  the weekly Hotel Mars segment with David Livingston, retired NASA astrophysicist Dr. Don Kessler talked about space debris and mitigation issues: The John Batchelor Show “Hotel Mars,” Wednesday, 4-10-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog

Spacevidcast 6-10: Eyes on the solar system

Spacevidcast posts the video of their latest live show: Spacevidcast 6-10:  Eyes on the Solar System – 6.10


The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Doug Eliison joins us in-studio to talk about the amazing ‘Eyes on the Solar System’ application. Fans of Eyes will also get a sneak peek in to the future revision with a new gaming engine!

In Space News we chat about SpaceX’s plans for reusability in 2013, Antares rolls out to the launch pad for first test mission, Yuri’s Night is less than a week away and Spacevidcast is looking for Mountain Climbers… On Mars!

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