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Copenhagen Suborbitals: Low cost R&D for DIY spaceflight

Kristian von Bengtson of Copenhagen Suborbitals discusses how they hold down costs in their pursuit of manned space launch: Low Cost Research and Development Dogmas for a DIY Manned Space Program – Wired Science/

Our mission is to launch a human being into space. Not to invent or discover new technologies or justify our existence as incubators for business or companies to evolve their capabilities, like NASA or ESA. We stand on the shoulders of giants and dig deep into the vast ocean of knowledge in which we are floating (sometimes almost drowning).

This project is not possible without the Internet which provides both knowledge and general outreach to all of you. Naturally we seek as much information as possible, on all matters in this space endeavor and even ask readers for solutions and ideas. The globe is packed with brilliant minds, like you. Work it right, and the open source approach becomes mighty powerful.

Moon Miners Manifesto – February 2013

The February  issue of the Moon Society‘s monthly newsletter – Moon Miners’ Manifesto – has been released. Join the society to access the publication on-line or to receive a hard-copy in the mail. Here’s a description of the contents in this latest 20 page issue:

Feature Articles:
2 In Focus: NASA continues to seek Commercial Partners
4 The Forgotten Stepping Stone: An Orbiting Depot/Station/Shipyard – Peter Kokh and Dave Dietzler
6 Space Industries – Dave Dietzler
7 Lunar Materials Production Technologies to Investigate – Dave Dietzler
14 MMM SCIENCE FICTION by George von Mond: Marshall Mike Moondust and the Sinister Selenian Subterfuge

Other regular sections include:
–  The Moon Society Journal Section
— From Moon Society President Ken Murphy – The Year Ahead
– Chapters and Outputs
– Great Browsing Links
– Great Space Videos
– NSS Chapters that share Moon Miners’ Manifesto

Moon Miners Manifesto

Space on the John Batchelor Show for Jan.29-30

On the latest “Hotel Mars” segment of the John Batchelor show, Batechelor and David Livingston talked with Dr. Caleb Scharf about “Vostok, water ice, Lake Whillans, Antarctica, extremophiles”: The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, 1-30-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog.


This week Bob Zimmerman gave his space news update only on the  Tuesday, 01/29/13  show. He spoke about the following topics:

The robotic refueling demo on ISS successfully did a simulated refueling of a satellite on Friday. Iran today claimed it has successfully flown a monkey on a suborbital rocket flight.  The only sources for this story come from Iranian sources, so I remain unsure whether it actually happened. Salvage in space: DARPA’s project to harvest parts from abandoned geosynchronous satellites.

See the iTunes free Podcast for links to the latest John Batchelor shows.

The public supports spaceflight, if someone else pays for it

Stephen C. Smith writes about public support, or lack thereof, for NASA and its projects as seen in polls as far back as the early 1960s: Poll Position – Space KSC.

A July 2011 CNN/ORC International Poll conducted at the end of the Space Shuttle program asked, “In general, do you think the US (United States) should rely more on the government or more on private companies to run the country’s manned space missions in the future?”

54% chose private companies, 38% chose government, 4% chose both equally, 2% said neither, and 2% had no opinion.

At a time one might assume the public was feeling nostalgic, if not outright mourning, for the end of the Space Shuttle program, a majority wanted space turned over to the private sector.


Asking the taxpayer to support a government space program is a different question from asking Americans if they support the overall notion of space exploration. The key difference is who pays for it.