Videos: Space Pod short reports on black holes, Google Lunar XPRIZE, Insight Mars lander, NEXTStep tech

A new set of Space Pod short reports on space news, technologies, and events:

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* Black Holes: the hackers of the universe? – Space Pod 05/25/15

Are black holes the hackers of our universe? This week Ariel Waldman explores what makes black holes awesome and why they shouldn’t be given such a bad rap

* Lunar X Prize Extended and Space Experiments Return to Earth – Space Pod 05/26/15

The Deadline for winning the Google Lunar X Prize has been extended, but with a catch, and valuable experiments have returned to Earth on a SpaceX Dragon capsule including an innovative thruster.

* Mars and Beyond: The InSight mission probes the core of Mars – Space Pod 05/27/15

This week Lisa Stojanovski shares what she learnt from Bruce Banerdt, principal investigator of the InSight mission to Mars. This Pod was inspired by the special event Exploring Space: Mars and Beyond, presented by the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex in Canberra, Australia.

* Twelve NEXTStep Technologies for Deep Space – Space Pod 05/28/15

In this Space Pod, the 12 partners for NASA’s NEXTStep advanced technology program are discussed and how they could enable deep space exploration.