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Free Kindle ebook of Gerard K. O’Neill’s classic “The High Frontier”

Here’s an announcement from the Space Studies Institute:

The High Frontier is a FREE Kindle ebook!

At Space Access 2013 SSI President Gary Hudson announced the release of Gerard K. O’Neill‘s classic The High Frontier as an exclusive Amazon Kindle ebook.


Today we have another announcement:  From Saturday April 20th to Tuesday April 23rd, the Kindle edition of The High Frontier is absolutely free.  Just open the Kindle app on your iOS, Android, Windows PC or Mac and type High Frontier in the Kindle store, or get your free Kindle edition directly from the website at .

The High Frontierr was a milestone in the work to make the dream of Space Settlement real for everyone.  So many lives were changed by this book.  Now a new digital generation can learn the needs, the goals and the potentials that Professor O’Neill made so clearly understandable.

With The High Frontier Kindle edition you get the full original artwork by Don Davis, the cover art of the 1988 second edition by Pat Rawlings (in full color on supported devices), full text searching and the bonus chapter “The View from 1988” that Dr. O’Neill added to the SSI second edition.*

Already own a copy of The High Frontier?  Go ahead and get your Kindle version for free today and save your print version for special times.

Have friends who have never read The High Frontier?  Pass this email along… and tell them to pass it along too!

Yes, proceeds from sales of The High Frontier Kindle edition at its regular price of $6.99 do add up to help the important research and projects of The Space Studies Institute and the free promotion does not, but we think that getting The High Frontier out there in the hands of a new generation is worth it.  Don’t you?

Of course if you do think that supporting the work of SSI and promotions like this one are a good thing for the cause, we would welcome your your membership or donation. There is a simple PayPal link at SSI.ORG that you can use to show your support at any time.

Remember, this is a limited time free offer.  Saturday April 20th to Tuesday April 23rd only.**  After that, the retail price is back in effect.  So get your FREE copy of the High Frontier Kindle edition today!

Robert Smith

Space Studies Institute

“Mission to Mars” – In new book, Buzz Aldrin gives his “vision for space exploration”

Buzz Aldrin and Leonard David have a new book coming out on May 7th in which Buzz lays out his views on the most effective way to move forward in space exploration and development: MISSION TO MARS: My Vision for Space Exploration – National Geographic Society

In the book, which includes a foreword by Aldrin’s son Andrew, Aldrin makes the case and argues passionately for pushing our boundaries of knowledge and exploration of our solar system and presents his “unified space vision.” Aldrin discusses the history of space flight, including a reflective, not nostalgic, look at the people, technologies and steps that were taken to accomplish America’s Apollo moon landings, and plots a course of future exploration. He says “Do not put NASA astronauts on the moon. They have other places to go.” And he emphasizes that the path forward is not a competition; we cannot restart an engine to rerun a race we previously won. This is a controversial notion that causes significant division among astronauts.


Apollo was a get-there-in-a-hurry, straightforward, space-race strategy. Today, Aldrin calls for a unified international effort to explore and utilize the moon, a partnership that involves commercial enterprise and other nationwide building upon the Apollo mission.

The Rocket Company: free ebook & serialization

In 2003 HobbySpace presented a serialized version of the book The Rocket Company by Patrick J. G. Stiennon and David M. Hoerr , with illustrations by Doug Birkholz. Subsequently, the book was accepted for publication by the AIAA and released in the summer of 2005. The printed version contained revised and updated materials, a new chapter, and over 30 illustrations.

The Rocket Company is a fictional account of the development of a commercial two stage to orbit (TSTO) reusable launch vehicle (RLV). Included is a description of the business model devised by a group of seven fictional investors committed to creating an economic engine that will cause the cost of space transportation to spiral rapidly downward as the market for launch services expands. In this context, the marketing, regulatory, and technical problems facing any serious attempt to reduce the cost of space transportation are explored. Although a work of fiction, the book follows in the vein of non-fictional accounts of the development of successful technological products and businesses, such as The Soul of a New Machine, and American Steel.

To bring more readers to the book, and to the ideas it offers for space transport development and business model, the authors are offering free access today to the updated electronic version of the book: The Rocket Company eBook by Patrick Stiennon, David Hoerr, Peter Diamandis, Doug Birkhol: Kindle Store/

In addition, the authors are letting me temporarily re-serialize the updated version. Today you can obtain here the following sections of the book: