Andrew Chaikin on The Space Show + Space law roundup

Andrew Chaikin talked about “Neil Armstrong & his One small step for man lunar comment, space policy, space media, and more” on The Space Show yesterday: Andrew Chaikin, Sunday, 1-13-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog


Res Communis post the latest collection of space and aviation law, regulation and policy links:Library: A Round-up of Reading.

AMSAT/Student small satellite news

Go to AMSAT News for the latest headlines about developments in amateur and student satellites and for updates about amateur radio on the ISS.

ANS 013 Weekly AMSAT Bulletin – January 12, 2013:
* AMSAT Store Sells Out of Initial Supply of Broadband Preamps
* FITSAT-1 LED Schedules
* NASA Announces Student Internships for Summer
* Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule

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