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The Space Shuttle’s record + A 48 passenger space vehicle

A defense of the Space Shuttle: The Remarkable Record of the Space Shuttle – CitizensInSpace.

The Shuttle certainly demonstrated lots of important capabilities and applications. Unfortunately, it was too expensive to do any of them operationally. We will have to wait for fully reusable space transports for that.


Here’s an unusual concept for a big suborbital space vehicle: SHIPinSPACE – 48 Passenger Suborbital Reusable Blasting Survival Vehicle – Investor presentation (pptx)/a>.

See also a couple of videos here and here.

Exploring space in clean clothes

The practical issue of laundry will have to be dealt with eventually by space travelers and residents: In Space, No One Will Do Your Laundry – Popular Mechanics – Jan.16.13

University of Rhode Island design professor Karl Aspelund wants you to think about astronaut socks. In fact, he hopes his work with the 100 Year Starship Project—figuring out what kind of clothes space travelers will need for a long-duration mission—will change the way you dress, too.