A Mars ferry lander and John Strickland on The Space Show

Some support info and art for John Strickland’s interview tonight on The Space Show:

In advance of The Space Show with Mr. Strickland at 7PM PST [10pm EST] Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013, these pictures have been uploaded as John will be referring to them during his discussion.  Note that the “1 page with 2 ferry images” link below opens a document with two color diagrams which will also be part of tonight’s discussion.

– John Strickland, Tuesday, 1-22-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog

Mars Ferry Lander

ESA/Johns Hopkins aim to deflect an asteroid with spacecraft impact

ESA and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (which runs several space missions including the Messenger probe now orbiting Mercury) are proposing a joint experiment to test impact deflection of an asteroid. A JHU-APL spacecraft would ram into an asteroid while an ESA spacecraft would monitor the impact and its effects on the object.

Asteroid Impact Monitor Design
Asteroid Impact Monitor Design 

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