Prof. Jim Bell talks about exploring Mars, the Moon, asteroids and more with rovers and landers

Here is a video of a public presentation by Prof. Jim Bell of Arizona State Univ. on planetary and deep space exploration. Lots of great pictures.

In this talk Professor Bell will review some of the recent highlights from Mars surface missions (especially the continuing adventures of the Opportunity and Curiosity rovers), discuss the kinds of up-close contact science measurements that can be done from such robotic vehicles, and talk about how the lessons learned from these missions can influence future Mars, asteroid, and comet rovers and landers.

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LRO probes the Moon’s permanent shadows

This video describes the areas within some craters at the lunar south polar region that sunlight never reaches. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, however, uses a laser altimeter system to measure the topology of those dark places.

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Horizons Newsletter Jan/Feb 2013 with 4th part of Colliers Magazine space series

The AIAA Houston Section has released the latest  issue of the Horizons Newsletter is now on line.

January/February 2013 Issue
Volume 38, Number 4
(PDF: low resolution, 17.5MB; high resolution, 62.2MB)

It includes a wide range of articles on topics such as space Kickstarter projects, Science Fiction by Scientists,  andSarah Brightman’s planned trip to the ISS.

It also includes the fourth installment of the reproduction of the Colliers Magazine series on space from 1952-1954.  (See this previous posting about the third installment.)

Colliers space issues

In addition to the Horizons team, the project includes Scott Lowther.

The fourth issue is described as follows:

February 28, 1953: World’s First Space Suit
Man’s Survival in Space, 10 Contributors & 3 Artists, edited by Cornelius Ryan
pp. 40-41
Picking the Men, pp. 42-48.


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