Copenhagen Suborbitals: Hydrogen peroxide production

This video describes a system built by Copenhagen Suborbitals to produce rocket grade hydrogen peroxide:

From the caption:

Hydrogen peroxide in concentrations from 70 – 95 % is a storable, non toxic rocket oxidizer and mono propellant. It has been used with excellent results in both bi propellant and hybrid propellant rocket engines. Rocket grade hydrogen peroxide can be handled safely with the right procedures, materials and proper education of propellant technicians.

However – while cost is low, the availability of rocket grade hydrogen peroxide is very limited. It is close to impossible to obtain, even for established aerospace companies – because its propulsion use is a very small market.

As Copenhagen Suborbitals moves on to build a more power full pumped version of the TM65 LOX / bioethanol rocket engine a source for rocket grade hydrogen peroxide was needed. For reasons of safety, and to prevent the need for cross border road transport, large scale storage, and to have a reliable surply we decided to build our own hydrogen peroxide plant. Its integrated into a 8 foot shipping container and has a capacity of one ton / year. It converts easily avalible 30 % – 35 % commercial grade hydrogen peroxide into rocket grade material at 80 % – 95 %.


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