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The Space Show: Joan Vernikos & Inspiration Mars + Elizabeth Kennick & Teachers in Space

Joan Vernikos on the Space Show on Friday discussed the Inspiration Mars flyby mission and the “human factors, counter measures, mitigation strategies” involved in such a mission: Dr. Joan Vernikos, Friday, 4-5-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog.

On Thursday, Elizabeth Kennick of the Teachers in Space program at the Space FrontierFoundation gave an update on TIS activities and also talked about Yuri’s Night and the Yuri’s Night NYC 2013 event in particular: Elizabeth Kennick, Teachers In Space, Thursday, 4-4-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog


Bob Zimmerman on the John Batchelor Show, Tues. + John Strickland & Claude Piantodosi on the Space Show

Bob Zimmerman reports on the latest space news during regular weekly slots (usually Tuesday and Thursdays) on the John Batchelor radio program. See the iTunes free Podcast for links to the latest shows.

Here is the list of topics discussed on this week’s Tuesday show:

Segment 1: science and space:
1. Curiosity has experienced another computer glitch, this time to its BACKUP computer.
2. The collision of space junk to a Russian satellite never happened.
3. A Chinese scientist who worked for NASA has been arrested trying to flee the country.
4. After losing its federal earmark, Pan-STARRS gets private funding to survive and upgrade.
5. The Antares launch date has been set.

Segment 2: climate:
1. More fraud in climate science.
2. The person who published the climategate emails releases some more emails, and emails the world his reasons for doing so.


On the Space Show on Tuesday, John Strickland talked about the National Space Society, the ISDC 2013 conference,  space settlement, space based solar power, launcher reusability and more: John Strickland, Tuesday, 3-19-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog

On Monday, Dr. Claude Piantodosi talked on the show about his book, Mankind Beyond Earth, human spaceflight, Mars missions, radiation, and microgravity: Dr. Claude Piantadosi, Monday, 3-18-13 | Thespaceshow’s Blog.

Chris Hadfield gains a following in space

Canadian astronaut and ISS commander Chris Hadfield (Chris Hadfield (Cmdr_Hadfield) on Twitter) has become a star, so to speak, with his music, photography and outreach activities on the station: ISS commander is a station sensation – Florida Today.

Here are a couple of posts for St. Patrick’s Day:

Twitter / Cmdr_Hadfield:

Wearing the green – Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the International Space Station!

Twitter / Cmdr_Hadfield:

Galway, Ireland, in the afternoon sun.