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Univ. North Dakota students to simulate deep space mission by living 10 days in inflatable habitat

The University of North Dakota UND Human Spaceflight Laboratory, which recently participated in the World Space Walk event with two other space suit teams, will start a ten day simulation of a planetary mission this Sunday: NDX Planetary Exploration System First Test Starts this Weekend! – NDX Space Suit Projects

Final preparations are taking place at the UND Department of Space Studies for the initial 10 days testing of the Lunar/Mars Inflatable Planetary Habitat. Three crewmembers , all UND Aerospace Graduate Students, will take part on this first mission. The objectives are to test the habitat, pressurized rover, and NDX-2AT space suits for habitation, and to test if all systems are operational.
Further details will be published on [NDX Space Suit Projects blog …], Saturday [Oct 26, 2013].

More details about the project:

Drawing of the habitat in which the 3 “crew members” will reside for 10 days.

“Gravity” film: Getting the biology right + Commercial option missed + Google Hangout with astronauts et al

The very popular movie Gravity doesn’t get the orbital mechanics right but Joel Achenbach thinks they did fine with the human part of the story : “Gravity” better on biology than orbital dynamics [spoilers] – Washington Post.


With the Space Shuttles now retired, the movie could have shown the astronauts flying in a private spacecraft like the Dragon, which SpaceX hopes to fly people on as early as 2015 : The Gravitas of Commercial Spacecraft – Greg Autry.


Here’s a video of an interesting Google Hangout held on Thursday night and organized by Ryan Kobrick of Yuri’s Night and with a focus on the movie Gravity.

From the Caption:

The first in a series of one-of-a-kind hangouts hosted by Yuri’s Night. We’ll be talking with some amazing experts in zero-gravity about the movie “Gravity” that came out a few weeks ago. Joining us will be Astronaut Ron Garan, Astronaut Cady Coleman, Italian Astronaut Paolo Nespoli, JSC Physiologist Liz Warren, Founder and Editor of collectSPACE Robert Pearlman, Zero G Flight Director Tim Bailey, and Yuri’s Night event host and Executive Director Dr. Ryan Kobrick!

Watch our Google+ account and +1 us to learn about more  Hangin’ with Yuri Hangout events in the coming months leading up to Yuri’s Night on April 12, 2014.

Astronauts tweet latest great snapshots of earth

Check out this great collection of photos taken by astronauts on the International Space Station and posted to earthlings via Twitter: NASA Shutdown Unleashes Beautiful Astronaut Photos on Twitter – News Watch

US astronaut Karen Nyberg tweeted this striking photo of storm clouds above Ghana on October 8, 2013. Credit: Karen Nyberg/NASA

US astronaut Karen Nyberg tweeted this striking photo of storm clouds
above Ghana  as seen from the International Space Station.on October 8, 2013.
Credit: Karen Nyberg/NASA

See many more such photos at The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, which also includes videos taken by the astros.

Sci-Tech: Human hibernation is nearly in reach + Simple, self-assembling robots

I’m surprised how close bio-medical technology is to providing the capability to induce hibernation, or an extended “torpor” state, for humans, which could allow for crews to be suspended for long space trips: Space Travel’s Efficient, Cheaper Future: Sleeping Your Way To Mars In A Stasis Habitat – Forbes.


Here’s an interesting report on simple cube-shaped robots that can move, jump and rotate in ways that allow them to assemble themselves into any configuration: Surprisingly simple scheme for self-assembling robots –