BINARY SPACE Satellite Tracking Tool available as free Win 10 app

BINARY SPACE’s Satellite Tracking Tool is now available as a free app for Windows 10: SpaceTracker™ – Windows Games on Microsoft Store

The SpaceTracker™ is a 2D/3D real-time satellite tracking application. It allows you to determine the current position of most Earth-centric satellites currently in orbit and also features location pass & interlink predictions. It can even help you to setup your TV antenna dish.

Windows 10 users should run this new version. The previous version used Microsoft’s Silverlight graphics system.


Update: BINARY SPACE chief Adrian Wenz tells me that a nice new feature of the SpaceTracker™ is its support for live tiles:

If you pin the app to the start menu (see lower right corner [of the screen capture below], right to ‘Minecraft’) it will periodically show you the position of any desired satellite. By default, it comes-up with positional information about the ISS, but you can choose any satellite via the ‘Favorites’ panel (-> ‘Star’ symbol). For large/wide tiles you can specify up to 4 satellites to be monitored. These tiles are updated even if the app is not open (via background tasks).

To pin the app to the start menu: Open the ‘All apps’ group, scroll to the letter ‘S’ and right-click on the ‘SpaceTracker™’ icon.