Talking about settling Mars and the volunteers wanting to go

On this episode of Tom Ashbrook’s radio program, he and his guests discuss the possibility of Mars settlement and the willingness of many people to sign up to go to the Red Planet: Life On Mars, Eventually – On Point with Tom Ashbrook.

His guests include:

Tariq Malik, managing editor of (@tariqjmalik)

Leroy Chaio, former NASA astronaut. Space entrepreneur and chairman of Baylor College of Medicine’s National Space Biomedical Research Institute User Panel. (@astrodude)

Kellie Gerardi, one of nearly 500 finalists for the Mars-One Project. Business development specialist at Masten Space Systems. (@kelliegerardi)

Andrew Weir, novelist and author. His 2014 book, “The Martian,” is being made into a motion picture.

Listen to the audio:


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