Proposed TV series will dramatize the Cold War space race

Nicholas Meyer, a noted screenwriter and director who was involved in several Star Trek films, is developing a TV series about the US/Soviet Union space race in the 1950s-60s:

The project will use material from the book Red Moon Rising: Sputnik and the Hidden Rivalries that Ignited the Space Age by Matthew Brzezinski .

“In ‘Red Moon Rising,’ Matthew Brzezinski takes us inside the Kremlin, the White House, secret military facilities, and the halls of Congress to bring to life the Russians and Americans who feared and distrusted their compatriots as much as their superpower rivals,” publisher Times Books wrote. “‘Red Moon Rising’ recounts the true story of the birth of the space age in dramatic detail, bringing it to life as never before.'”

The New York Times, in its Sunday Book Review, saw the potential for Brzezinski’s work to be adapted.

“[‘Red Moon Rising’] tells the story of American and Soviet decisions with remarkable dramatic — even cinematic — flair,” Mark Atwood Lawrence, who teaches history at the University of Texas at Austin, wrote in the paper’s review.