Spacecast sampling for November 2016

If you are off work for the Thanksgiving holidays, you might want to catch up on space podcasts and video reports of interest, especially while sitting down to absorb a giant meal. Here is a sampling of recent spacecasts:

The Space Show with David Livingston:

By the way, Leonard David has a posting about some intriguing analysis of data from the Spirit rover: Did the Spirit Mars Rover Find a Biosignature of Past Life? – Leonard David

This Orbital Life – Voices from L5

  • The History Of Space Policy – “Kicking off another mini series, we have friend of the show Michael Listner this week to discuss the social and political landscape around space policy through the ages – We discuss what shaped important bills and what that might mean for the future.”

John Batchelor Show:

Planetary Radio 

  • To Mars! With National Geographic | The Planetary Society – “The National Geographic Channel’s “Mars” miniseries has begun. Mat Kaplan attended a kickoff for the ambitious docudrama last summer. You’ll hear from series technical advisor Bobby Braun, author of “The Martian” Andy Weir, Cosmos creator Ann Druyan and more. It took two years, but Emily Lakdawalla has completed an important visual document focused on Mars rover Opportunity. Bill Nye steps aside for Planetary Society Director of Space Policy Casey Dreier with a look toward Donald Trump’s NASA. One listener will win a spectacular new Pluto globe in the What’s Up space trivia contest.”
  • Inside Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo | The Planetary Society – “Host Mat Kaplan traveled to California’s Mojave Desert for a tour of Virgin Galactic’s The Spaceship Company, where the second SpaceShipTwo was built and is undergoing flight tests. TSC Executive VP Enrico Palermo was his guide. Emily Lakdawalla provides a taste of this busy month throughout the solar system. NASA has reached an important milestone according to Bill Nye the Science Guy. And “The Honeymooners” are Bruce and Mat’s special guests on Whats’ Up.”

TMRO Space Pods

  • NASA Seeking Orion Capsule Alternatives – SpacePod 11/16/16

  • How to Breathe in Space – Space Pod 11/10/16