“Farside” – a new book by Patrick Chiles

Patrick Chiles, author of  Perigee (see my review here), has just released a new book titled, Farside.

A missing spacecraft –
A missing spacecraft –
A cryptic message –
And a fearsome secret hidden in plain sight.

Five years after being stranded in Earth orbit, Ryan Hunter must travel even farther to find the man who saved his life.
Hunter and former astronaut Penny Stratton are launched headfirst into a threat beyond anything they ever imagined. Carrying an unconventional rescue team into a confrontation with space-age hijackers, they already know the stakes are incredibly high.

What they can’t know is that the fate of millions rests on their shoulders. And someone wants to keep it that way.

Because something big is coming…

Patrick tells me

Farside is still set in a world where commercial spaceflight has become mostly routine, but it’s a much bigger story [than the one in Perigee].

I’ve been told it feels like a mashup of Apollo 13 and Hunt for Red October.

Farside is now available in Kindle format.