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Poster Contest for 7th Annual Mars Society Conference

The Mars Society announces its poster contest for the 7th International Mars Society Conference to be held at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL August 19th-22nd. The Mars Society is an international, 501(3)-C non-profit organization that seeks both private and public solutions to sending humans to Mars within the near future. The annual conference is an exciting gathering of experts and laypeople with a focused interest on the Red Planet. The
winning entry of the contest will be used to promote and symbolize the conference.

There are two categories for entry: youth to age 15 and adult. There will be prizes for each category, including an autographed copy of "Mars on Earth", written by Dr. Robert Zubrin, president of the Mars Society. Both winners will receive free conference registration and special recognition at the conference banquet. The Mars Society will use the winning entries on posters, t-shirts and other media representing the conference. In addition, runner-up
entries will be displayed at the conference.

Entry criteria are as follows:

1. The poster must be in keeping with the conference theme: "New Horizons, New Challenges" and relative to Mars exploration. Entries must include the dates and place of the conference and Mars Society contact information.

2. Entrants must submit their name, age, address, email address, and phone number.

3. Graphics should be suitable for printing in various formats.

4. All submissions become the exclusive property of The Mars Society.

5. Hard copy submissions must be no larger than 11"x17" poster-sized paper.

6. Electronic submissions must be in JPEG, GIF, PDF or Bit Map format.

The deadline for all entries is May 31st. Send entries to:

North Shore Mars Society
P.O. Box 6661
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Graphics quality electronic submissions are welcome. To submit an electronic entry, burn the file onto a CD, learly labeling the file name and type on the CD, and mail it to the above address - note that all electronic submissions should also include a hard-copy print out.

Decisions and announcements on the contest winners will be completed by mid-June. If there are any questions, contact Matt Lowry at lowryclan@yahoo.com or 847-918-0499.

For more information on the Mars Society or the 7th International Mars Society Conference, visit our website at www.MarsSociety.org

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