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Kickstarter: “MOON – the most accurate lunar globe”

Here’s a cool Kickstarter project that has reached nearly three times its goal with 3 weeks left: MOON – the most accurate lunar globe by Oscar Lhermitte and Kudu — Kickstarter

The MOON globe aims for accuracy:

MOON is unlike traditional lunar globes that uses 2D photographs or illustrations of the Moon. 

1. it is a truly accurate 1/20 million replica of the Moon featuring all the craters, elevation and ridges in accurate 3D.

2. it has a ring of LED lights that revolves around the globe, constantly illuminating the correct face of the moon and recreating the lunar phases as seen from Earth.


“COSMOS: Timeless, Magnetic, Wooden Toys” from Huzi Design

The young company Huzi Design has combined Beech wood, powerful magnets, and some imagination to create an elegant collection of space toys: Spaceship Building Blocks For Budding Rocket Scientists –


Unfortunately, they are not available yet but you can make them happen and also obtain your own collection by supporting their crowd-funding campaign: COSMOS: Timeless, Magnetic, Wooden Toys by huzi — Kickstarter

No blinking lights. No complicated electronics. No forgettable plastic toys that end up in garbage dumps.

Instead, we set out with the ambition to create toys loaded with meaning like imagination and simplicity. Toys that are long-lasting in both meaning and quality, so beautiful that kids and grownups will want to keep forever. Classic toys, reinvented. Simple values, restored.

Michael Mackowski: “Adventures in Space Advocacy” + “The New Scale Spacecraft Primer”

Michael Mackowski was recently on The Space Show to talk about his space activism efforts, which he recounted in the new book Adventures in Space Advocacy: A Personal Story of Space Activism : Michael Mackowski, Tuesday, 7-28-15 | Thespaceshow’s Blog



Michael is also very active in spacecraft modeling and has a new book out on this topic as well:

“The New Scale Spacecraft Primer” Modeling Reference Book is Published

The Space In Miniature series of books on scale modeling of historical spacecraft has been around since 1990. The first book, SIM #1 – A Scale Spacecraft Primer, has been woefully out of date for a while.


So I am pleased to announce that a new version of SIM #1 is now available: SIM #1.1 – The New Scale Spacecraft Primer. Most of the book is brand new material, with about 14 pages retained from the original edition. Some articles that are still useful were retained (Ariane, Space Operations Center review, Viking Mars Lander, etc.) but the rest are all new or recycled from my old IPMS Journal (the magazine of the International Plastic Modelers Society) columns. With the 25th anniversary of SIM and the 50th anniversary of IPMS/USA, several retrospective articles are included, including commentary from Kevin Atkins, Sven Knudson, and Mat Irvine. There is new content on my Curiosity Mars rover, the DC-X, the Revell Astronaut with MMU, and several other examples of scratchbuilding real space models. Real Space modelers should enjoy the commentaries as well as the new reference material.

SIM #1.1 – The New Scale Spacecraft Primer is available in both hard copy ($12 plus shipping for a 38-page soft-bound book printed in black and white on coated paper) and a digital version ($10 for a pdf with full color).

There are forms on the SIM website ( to order either version (or both!). Customers can also send a check for $14.00 (which includes first class postage to U.S. addresses), payable to Michael Mackowski, to 1022 W. Juanita Ave., Gilbert, AZ  85233. The other titles in the SIM series are still available in various formats.

For additional details, contact the publisher at 480-282-1343 or by email at

Apollo Lunar Rover Model


Ron Shinkle has created a top quality 1:12 scale Apollo Lunar Rover Model using 3D printed parts.



He says,

This 1:12 Scale Facsimile of the “J” Mission’s Rover represents months of diligent research and many man hours of expert three dimensional design. All CAD design worked off of authentic archived material that included the wheel profile, chassis, seat, and suspension dimensions to within hundredths of an inch.

All parts were produced as one off prototypes that were then checked for authenticity, fit and practicality.  All parts underwent revisions, some as many as six, before all criterion were satisfied. The highest priority was given to authentic scale and detail. Where possible, parts have been articulated to include movement that demonstrates some of the Rover’s unique features.

For example the wheels, although they do not roll, do swivel allowing you to demonstrate the four wheel steering. Also the battery box covers open to reveal gold backed covers and mirrored surfaces that reflected heat. The ground controlled TV camera both tilts and pans. The seat bottoms swivel up to show the under seat storage, and the storage boxes themselves have a lid that opens. Also the aft pallet door can be shown in an open or closed position.

The model is available as a kit.

Now introducing the World’s first large scale Apollo Lunar Rover Replica in Kit Form.  This is a 1:12 Scale, highly detailed facsimile for the serious collector. All, 100%, of the parts are manufactured by 3D Printing.